Sparklo (SPRK) Overshadows Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Quant (QNT) Following Price Crash

Sparklo (SPRK) Overshadows Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Quant (QNT) Following Price Crash

As cryptocurrencies progress, more stakeholders are en masse. Emerging players are developing creative approaches to acquire traction and attract new customers. Players already in the game want to reach a wider audience. Let's discuss the current prices of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Quant (QNT) and how a new competitor, Sparklo (SPRK), is gaining more volume in its presale stage.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Cash Or Crash As Coin Price Drops

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a permissionless decentralized currency, and as such, it doesn't need a central bank or trusted third parties to run transactions. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), in contrast to traditional fiat money, doesn't rely on monetary intermediaries like banks and payment processors. Governments or other centralized organizations cannot censor transactions on Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) aims to scale blockchain technology to provide fast payment, high transaction capacity, and user privacy. Similar to how money cannot be frozen or taken, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is not under the jurisdiction of any financial institution.


Is Quant (QNT) Going Down To $40?

Quant (QNT), which debuted in June 2018, aimed to connect networks and blockchains worldwide while upholding the network's efficiency and compatibility. Developing the first blockchain operating system is the first initiative to address the interoperability issue.

Quant's (QNT) primary goal in adopting Overledger is to close the gap between various blockchains. Quant (QNT) describes Overledger as the ecosystem on which the future ecosystem of the digital economy would be created, and it also serves as the project's mainframe.

The price of Quant (QNT) has been on a steady decline since it was announced that Quant (QNT) is no longer a member of the Digital Pound Foundation, which means Quant (QNT) will not be used for CBDCs. This news caused considerable speculation among traders and investors who are worried about the bearish consequence that it will have on the token.

Before the news, Quant's (QNT) price dropped sharply from $123 to $112.3 in just 4 hours. This sudden drop created a chain reaction, repeatedly causing the coin to test the $106 support. A break of that support zone may see the price plummet to as low as $70.

Sparklo (SPRK) Shines A New Light Of Hope On Investors

Sparklo, although still in its presale stage, continues to gather traction as investors keep flocking to the relatively new token. Sparklo is the world's first precious metals trading platform that will be built on the blockchain. It aims to bring revolutionary features to break the barrier between traditional metal investing platforms and retail investors.

Interfi Network audited the team and has locked its liquidity for 100 years, making it entirely safe for investors. It is crucial to get in early to get the most out of a potential blue-chip project such as this.

Sparklo is presently in its first presale stage, and a token is selling for just 0.017 with a 30% bonus on all buys (This bonus offer will expire on May 5)

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