Fantom (FTM) and EOS (EOS) Focus on User Experience as Sparklo (SPRK) Woes Investor

Fantom (FTM) and EOS (EOS) Focus on User Experience as Sparklo (SPRK) Woes Investor

Fantom (FTM) has kept its promise of improving storage space in its protocol to handle scalability problems experienced by developers.

Likewise, in a move to enhance user experience, the EOS Foundation has launched the Antelope Leap v4.0.0.

Meanwhile, investors continue flocking to the Sparklo presale, which analysts claim is the next big investment.

Fantom (FTM) Efforts to Curb Scalability Issues on the Platform

Fantom(FTM) has been focusing on scalability issues faced by developers. Recently, Fantom(FTM) announced an upgrade on its blockchain by building a new storage system.

On April 25th, the Fantom Foundation CEO Michael Kong announced that they have built and tested a new Fantom virtual Machine against the Mainnet data. Based on the results, they believe the platform will be able to handle scalability issues, without sacrificing security and performance.

The Fantom(FTM) coin was launched in 2018 with holders being able to stake their coins and earn FTM tokens in return.

With the Fantom (FTM) tokens, community members

● Can pay transaction fees
● Can send and receive payments
● Are eligible to participate in the voting process, among others.


EOS(EOS) Releases Antelope Leap v4.0.0

EOS(EOS) is an open-source blockchain launched in 2018 to support large-scale decentralized applications(dApps). The EOS(EOS) blockchain reward system is a 3% inflationary coin with unlimited maximum supply.

On April 25th, EOS(EOS) announced the release of Antelope Leap v4.0.0, an open-source software that permits anyone to operate a node on Antelope blockchain networks. The release has been hailed as a great milestone for both EOS(EOS) and the entire Antelope ecosystem as it seeks to optimize node performance.

Antelope Leap v4.0.0 boasts features like higher performance with Multi-threading features, reduced latency and Faster Block propagation, and giving more Control and Visibility Around State and History data.

Sparklo Woes Investors With An Opportunity To Invest In Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Analysts are speculating that Sparklo will be the next lucrative venture. The blockchain will enable its users to stake in gold, silver, and platinum.

The project seeks to break the barriers that have existed for long between traditional metal trading platforms and investors by making the venture accessible to everyone. This will be done by

● Decentralizing the metal market by bringing it to the blockchain
● Tokenizing the gold, silver, and platinum into SPRK tokens that investors can stake
● Availing fractional ownership of the metal assets on the Sparko platform thus reducing the entry barrier for investors.

At the moment Sparko is having a presale offer of only $0.015 plus a 30% bonus on all buys. The initial offer will last until the end of this weekend before it increases to $0.017.

Sparklo has been audited by Interfi Network and the team is currently processing a KYC application and will soon post the results. Additionally, Sparklo has announced that liquidity is locked for 100 years.

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