Dogecoin(DOGE) and Uwerx Look Promising for the Next Crypto Boom

Dogecoin(DOGE) and Uwerx Look Promising for the Next Crypto Boom

Dogecoin (DOGE) remains the torchbearer of all meme coins with certain fluctuations and downfalls. A strong community of supporters and influence from noteworthy personnel still keeps the crypto in the top 10. Dogecoin has been showing impressive performance, despite multiple setbacks.

And it continues to inch toward the $0.1 milestone within months, predicted to reach even the $1.0 mark in 2023. DOGE's achievement of such a price means excellent profits for traders and investors.

However, the market value now remains over $0.07, requiring a significant boost in the meme coin. Recent growth in capital and reduction of crypto market outflows will likely take a bullish turn soon. Therefore, an enormous increment in value is possible in the coming months.

The crypto keeps struggling around the $0.07 mark for about a month, dipping significantly initially. Yet, within weeks, it recovered a significant share of the lost market cap. And the daily transaction numbers reached an all-time high due to the near-bullish forecast of the market.

Meantime, the first-ever blockchain-supported freelancing platform, Uwerx, doesn't fall behind. Its native crypto, WERX, currently values a mere $0.0315 at the presales. But analysts recognized the potential, predicting an exponential price rise to reach as much as $0.3 by Q3 of 2023.

The ongoing presales have already entered the fourth stage, completing the first in 17 days and the second in 8 days. Freelancers, investors, and analysts look forward to Uwerx's mainstream success as the platform integrates some unique features for target users.

Why Does Uwerx Matter So Much?

Uwerx allows freelancers to earn a minimal 1% transaction fee, considerably lower than traditional platforms. Freelancers will receive payments directly to their WERX hubs, letting them interact with the crypto space. And it'll unveil a new door to crypto-related businesses.

An audit by InterFi Network and SolidProof already set the foundation of top-tier security. The platform already introduced a custom vault to lock up the tokens in the 25-year liquidity pool. So, all clients' and freelancers' assets and intellectual properties will have a steady backup for security.

There are advanced features like gamification and incentivization to avoid dull, monotonous, and tiresome work. It should keep the freelancers motivated and enthusiastic to take on new challenges. Analysts and investors also recognized these benefits, counting on the innovative blockchain system.

A lot is happening within Uwerx as many development tasks are underway to become accessible to the public. It'll start with the release of Uwerx's Alpha version on May 19, 2023, featuring the landing and signup pages. The team plans to continue releasing the next versions based on user feedback.

The much-hyped presales will end on July 31, 2023, and the Team Lock of tokens will happen before that. A recent Twitter poll revealed 82.8% of voters opted for immediately locking the tokens. And the Uwerx team is getting ready to announce the possible date following the scheduled Test Airdrop.

The listing of WERX is also gaining momentum as CoinSniper already recognized the token. Uniswap will likely introduce the crypto in its portfolio by August 01, 2023. Launching in centralized exchanges should let the platform initiate the renouncement of contract ownership, lessening tax worries.

The WERX presales exceeded expectations in every aspect, gaining much appreciation from the crypto space. And the demand keeps increasing as the forecast indicates exploding surges in price. The Uwerx team also understands the impulse, changing five token allocations as follows –

● Presale: An increase to 57% from 45% to renew confidence.
● Founding Team: A reduction to 7% from 8% to prioritize user benefits.
● Partnership incentives: A reduction to 3% from 7.5% after reviewing new information.
● User performance incentives: A decrease to 6.5% from 15%.
● Joining incentives: An increase to 6.5% from 4.5% to attract more users.

New investors/customers/users can achieve a 20% bonus on every purchase during the presales. It also sparked the popularity and checkups on this innovative, promising, and beneficial platform. Uwerx has already gained over 5,000 signups with over 1000 members in its Telegram community.

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