Big Eyes Coin Presale Hits $35 Million, Launch Is On The Horizon!

Big Eyes Coin Presale Hits $35 Million, Launch Is On The Horizon!

This article will offer insights into the latest and most relevant updates in the crypto world, focusing on Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) launch date, a bull market for Fantom (FTM), and the recent struggle of Uniswap (UNI). 

Let’s dive into how these tokens are performing and their potential for future growth!

BIG’s Launch Date!

After months of suspense, the launch date of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has finally been  announced. The token’s immensely popular presale will come to an end on June 3rd, and the official launch will take place less than two weeks later, on June 15th. 

Big Eyes Coin has raised over $35 million in investments, making it the largest presale token of 2023! Furthermore, the token is well-known for its exceptional offers and bonus deals. If you are among the many investors and meme coin fans that want to collect BIG tokens while they are still cheap, make sure to use the code END300 to receive an extra 300% discount on your purchase! 

Fantom Enables Token Trading Via Twitter! 

Fantom (FTM) was initially created as a smart contract platform, making it a viable alternative to Ethereum. The primary objective behind its design was to address the shortcomings of prior blockchains in areas such as scalability, security, and decentralization. 

Since its launch, the platform has been particularly successful in solving issues related to transaction speed, having achieved a reduction of less than two seconds!

Recently, FTM has experienced a significant surge in value. This is thanks to a new feature that enables users to send FTM and other tokens within the Fantom ecosystem via Twitter. This works by connecting users' Twitter accounts to their messenger which can transfer tokens to specific identities. Since a significant number of crypto communities connect on Twitter, FTM has made the perfect choice to incorporate this platform, which is why their recent rally may be just the beginning!

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