Anoma Foundation Successfully Completes $25 Million Funding Round

Anoma Foundation Successfully Completes $25 Million Funding Round


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Blockchain architecture firm, Anoma Foundation announced it has successfully completed its third funding round securing $25 million with an aim to extend its intent-centric technology to blockchain platforms. Announced Wednesday, the fundraising event was led by one of the top Web 3 VC firms CMCC Global. The latest capital round aims to further Anoma’s goal to bring the third generation of blockchains to market and decentralize the financial system, giving power back to the users. 

The fundraising also welcomed pledges from other prominent industry players including Electric Capital, Delphi Digital, Dialectic, KR1, Spartan, NGC, MH Ventures, Bixin Ventures, No Limit, Plassa, Perridon Ventures, Anagram, and Factor. Additionally, over 30 angel investors across the blockchain space also participated in the round, embracing Anoma Foundation’s vision. 

The Swiss non-profit firm is focused on funding the development of its blockchain architecture to bring fully decentralized systems to Web 2.5 apps including rollups, DEXs and other DApps. With significant backing from investors across the blockchain industry, Anoma will further the development of intent-centric blockchain architecture, bringing to life a “new paradigm for building blockchain infrastructure layers”, the press statement reads. 

“Compared to existing architectures such as Ethereum/EVM, it makes dApps an order of magnitude more composable and an order of magnitude easier to build,” said Adrian Brink, Co-founder of Anoma. 

Anoma’s intent-centric blockchain architecture allows these “partially decentralized apps” to give power back to their users while promoting the development of novel apps that previously could not be built on existing architectures. 

 “The team is pushing the boundaries of protocol design and reimagining how base layer infrastructure should operate,” said Charlie Morris, Co-founder and Managing Partner of CMCC Global. “It is refreshing to see Anoma’s designs and philosophy against the backdrop of a homogenous group of layer-1 smart contract platforms.”

Apart from offering a platform to build fully decentralized apps, Anoma’s latest capital raise will also enhance the platform’s scalability, user experience, privacy and interoperability, Tommy Shaughnessy, Founding Partner of Delphi Digital shared in his statement. 

“Anoma's intent-centric architecture represents a significant advancement across all fronts of blockchain infrastructure[...],” Shaughnessy added. “We are excited to be part of their journey towards revolutionizing decentralized applications.”

Notwithstanding, the funding will also be used to support ongoing research and development initiatives, and boost adoption rates via easy-to-integrate development tools that enable the development of novel DApps. In addition, the cash will be used to form strategic partnerships and enhance the overall ecosystem development. 

“We are super excited to be investing in Anoma,” added Dialectic founder Ryan Zurrer. “Their intent-centricity and inherent focus on low-level privacy promises to unlock novel use-cases, particularly in areas such as next-generation DeFi, and represents a major step forward for the space.”

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