Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloudverse on Avalanche

Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloudverse on Avalanche

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud division of Chinese tech giant Alibaba, has announced that it is building a metaverse launchpad on the Avalanche blockchain called Cloudverse.

The launchpad is designed to provide an end-to-end platform for companies to customize and maintain their metaverse spaces in an attempt to find innovative ways to engage with customers. Avalanche will supply the technology to construct the metaverse spaces, while Alibaba Cloud will contribute computing and storage resources. The partnership is Alibaba's second collaboration with a blockchain network in less than a month, following its agreement with Mysten Labs, developer of the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, to provide node services for validators on the network's testnet.

Through Cloudverse, builders will have access to various support systems, including interactive functions, continued operations, meta-economics, and events. Each metaverse space is expected to be ready within a month of the initial outreach. The platform's subnets allow operators to customize the blockchain according to specific requirements.

Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche are hoping to build out and accelerate the development of metaverse ecosystems by combining their expertise, thereby creating new opportunities for users, developers, and businesses. The deployment of a secure and scalable metaverse infrastructure through blockchain technology could lead to more decentralized, secure, and interoperable metaverse platforms, unlocking new possibilities for the future of virtual reality.

The CEO and founder of Ava Labs, Emin Gün Sirer, claims that through Cloudverse, anyone could create a metaverse at any time. It takes only 15 minutes to spin up and set the chain, and builders can establish the turnkey and wallet in just a few hours. The technology has been designed to be simple and user-friendly, with all available tools being open source.

Avalanche operates one of the crypto industry's most robust smart contract platforms, offering infinite scalability and rapid transaction finalization. It employs a unique consensus protocol, Subnet infrastructure, and HyperSDK toolkit to enable businesses to effortlessly develop powerful, tailor-made blockchain solutions. Avalanche is an eco-friendly blockchain designed to cater to both Web3 developers and businesses, allowing them to build anything they want, however they want.

MUA DAO, on the other hand, is a metaverse middleware infrastructure that offers a one-stop solution to empower enterprises and businesses in creating, operating, and managing digital assets compatible with multiple metaverse platforms. It does this through unified interfaces in the "MUAverse." MUA's proprietary MUAverse includes an AI-powered interactive engine that supports the rapid development and upscaling of universal engineering conditions across multiple metaverse platforms.

The collaboration between Alibaba Cloud, Avalanche, and MUA DAO aims to provide an easy-to-use, high-performance, and cost-effective metaverse solution through Cloudverse. This launchpad enables businesses to create, customize, and maintain their metaverse spaces on the Avalanche blockchain. By leveraging Avalanche's high-performance smart contract platform and Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure offerings, businesses can develop secure and scalable metaverse environments, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation in the virtual world.

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