Revuto Empowers Consumers in the Subscription Economy and Crowdfunds Seed Round with BTC Ordinals

Revuto Empowers Consumers in the Subscription Economy and Crowdfunds Seed Round with BTC Ordinals

The subscription economy has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years, with a 100% YoY increase in market size. As a result, managing recurring payments has become essential due to the prevalence of subscription-based goods and services. Unfortunately, complex unsubscribing procedures, hidden fees, free-trial traps, and unclear agreements can lead to financial losses. Revuto, a fintech company leveraging web3 technology, seeks to empower consumers by giving them control over their subscription payments, allowing them to determine the what, when, and how of their spending.

Interestingly, Revuto is taking a unique approach to crowdfunding their seed round by selling Ordinals on the Bitcoin network for equity, which allows them to avoid the traditional venture capital model. The company's goal is to use these funds to launch a debit card program and generate revenue, unlocking the utility of the REVU token. With a fully compliant and integrated system, the card program will allow Revuto to release their most significant app update yet and put them in a great position for a successful Series A round. Further information about the company and its launch of the innovative fundraising campaign using BTC Ordinals will be provided in this interview with Vedran Vukman, CEO of Revuto.

Can you explicitly explain what Revuto firm does?

Revuto is an easy-to-use, intuitive, and clutter-free subscription management service that provides a single dashboard for all your subscriptions. We aim to redefine the subscription management experience, save you time, energy, and money, and eliminate the hassle of unsubscribing by eliminating the "Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?" question. We understand the problem and empathize with you. Managing multiple subscriptions shouldn't be a job, and unsubscribing should only take one click. We know that more than 90% of online budgeting and financial application users are willing to pay for additional services that save them money. Our goal at Revuto is to save you money and provide you with complete control over your subscriptions.

What sets your company apart from competitors?

What sets us apart is that we’re a fintech company utilizing web3 technology and crypto liquidity  to offer our users superior financial products. Compared to other blockchain-based projects, we aim to create a solution with immediate real-world applications, helping people solve real pain when subscribing to all kinds of services. Also, instead of catering to an existing crypto audience, we aim to bring crypto to the mainstream world by looking outward at our ecosystem growth and adoption approach. In short, through a simple user interface and features helping people protect their money, we invite non-crypto users to the world of crypto. 

What is the process of buying a subscription to Netflix or Spotify as an NFT with Revuto?

To buy a subscription to Netflix or Spotify, you must purchase the NFT and redeem it in the Revuto app. After redeeming the NFT, you can add the RevutoVirtual Debit Card to your Netflix or Spotify account, and as long as you hold the NFT in the Revuto app, we will be topping it up to pay for your subscription every month.

What can be added to the Revuto app as a subscription?

Currently, our 355k registered users can add any service with a subscription-based model to the Revuto app and track their spending. This includes music streaming platforms, software packages, meal kit delivery services, and anything else that operates on a subscription model.

Please explain if Netflix or Spotify need to be aware of Revuto when using the app to manage subscriptions.

No, there is no need for Netflix or Spotify to be aware of Revuto. The app functions as a separate platform, allowing users to manage their subscriptions without the involvement of the service providers. You simply top up your Revuto Virtual Debit Card with funds from your personal debit or credit card or through the "Top-up with crypto" feature when it becomes available. From there, you can use the card to pay for your Netflix or Spotify subscription without any further action required from the service providers. The control is completely in the hands of the user.

Why is Revuto raising funds by selling ordinals?

We plan to use additional funds to launch a debit card program to generate revenue and unlock the REVU token's utility. We’re technically integrated with the acquirer, card, and banking provider and fully compliant to start issuing Mastercard Debit Cards in EEA. We hold an EMI license from the Bank of Lithuania for the EU. Launching the card program will enable the release of Revuto v4.0, the most significant app update to date, developed and ready to launch. A successful equity seed round would position us for a successful Series A round, despite previous fundraising efforts.

Can you tell me more about Revuto's unique approach to crowdfunding a seed round on the Bitcoin network?

Our unique approach is to crowdfund a seed round by selling Ordinals on the Bitcoin network for equity, thereby avoiding the traditional venture capital model in the early stages of the company. This strategy allows us to remain community-driven and supported by retail investors who share our vision. Lastly, we’re a highly innovative company, so why not be innovative when it comes to fundraising to scale fast so we decided to do the first equity fundraising campaign on the only true decentralized network - Bitcoin.  

Could you elaborate more on Revuto Virtual Debit Cards and how users can benefit from them?

Our Virtual Debit Cards will enable users to take advantage of all the benefits the Revuto app offers, such as active subscription management, stake to subscribe, micro-lending and borrowing, Subscription NFTs, and many more. By using Revuto Debit Cards instead of their personal debit or credit cards to subscribe to service providers, the users will get privacy and control of all their spending. 

How is Revuto selling its Ordinals?

We are selling our Ordinals in private (April 17th) and public (April 18th) rounds on the Bitcoin network. Each round will last 24 hours. There will be 499 Ordinals in Series A, costing $2,000 in BTC, with a 15% discount on the company valuation and a 15% kickback in REVU tokens. Series B will have 499 Ordinals at $1,000 in BTC, with a 10% discount on the company valuation and a 10% kickback in REVU tokens. Series C will have 499 Ordinals at $500 in BTC, with no discount on valuation but a 10% kickback in REVU tokens. Investors can also bid for one Grand Ordinal from each round, with a minimum bid of $5,000 and a maximum bid of $200,000 per Grand Ordinal.

How will the owner of the Revuto ordinal affect the Revuto cap table?

By selling Ordinals on the Bitcoin network, which metadata is connected directly to the company's Stock Purchase Agreement, we offered the crypto community a unique opportunity to own equity in the Revutocompany. The owners of the Revuto ordinals will have to confirm the ownership in the company's equity before the subsequent funding round or an exit event (an acquisition or the IPO). In the meantime, the owners of Revuto Ordinals can trade them or send them to others. At some point, we may offer to buy back RevutoOrdinals at a specific price that the ordinal owner may accept.

What is the prize for one lucky investor in Revuto's seed round, and how can investors participate in Revuto's seed round for equity?

To spice it up, one lucky investor in our seed round will get Revuelto, the latest raging bull from Lamborghini. An innovative selection system will select the owner from the Ordinal owners. Lastly, Investors can participate in Revuto's seed round for equity by whitelisting on Revuto's website or through selected partners.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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