8 Best New Cryptocurrencies To Buy in 2023

8 Best New Cryptocurrencies To Buy in 2023

The global cryptocurrency market has delivered huge returns in the past and people have become more confident about these blockchain-based assets. Today's cryptocurrency market is replete with options that have varying use cases – from a digital payments portal to developing dApps to play-to-earn platforms and meme coins. DigiToads is among the best crypto for beginners that has achieved a lot of attention from buyers due to its state-of-the-art features. Built on the Ethereum network, DigiToads sports a dynamic economic model that enables users to stake NFTs, swap tokens, play games, and do much more. It is always a good idea to invest in new cryptocurrencies that can deliver potentially rapid gains after listing. The following list features eight new top crypto coins which have been creating a buzz in the cryptoverse.

1. DigiToads: The latest ico everybody is talking about

DigiToads' secret to success is its powerful economic framework developed by leveraging the attributes of three different crypto models – a play-to-earn game, a stake-to-earn platform, and a meme coin. The hybrid model means that you can derive thrice the benefit by opting for DigiToads rather than any other regular cryptocurrency. For an average crypto user, the latest ico brings to the table multiple options to earn residual income. You can stake NFT, trade tokens, participate in its Web 3.0 game, and earn rewards by actively interacting with the platform.

Even if you are a rookie investor and want to start with a beginner cryptocurrency, DigiToadscan still help you earn tokens. The DigiToads team organizes regular giveaways and gives away bonuses to encourage users. All you need to enter these giveaways is to buy DigiToadsnative token TOADS.  

You can buy the TOADS token by participating in the presale process, which has been split into 10 stages. Three stages have been completed so far and the fourth stage is in full swing. So far, the team has collected over $1.8 million via the presale process. To buy the token, you don't need any specific cryptocurrency as the platform accepts all major altcoins. For storing and holding your tokens, you can choose between Moonpay, Trust Wallet, and Meta Mask. While the platform will be minting 585 million tokens, around 69.2% of the coins will be utilized for the presale stages and funding community rewards.

If you are wondering why so many analysts have been rooting for this cryptocurrency ico, the top reason is DigiToads staking mechanism. One can easily stake NFTs securely on the platform and earn rich rewards. These rewards will be varying with the duration for which you are willing to stake the digital asset. The rewards are given from a staking pool that is maintained by funds received from 2% of DigiToads' annual profits.

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2. Glory Finance: Catalysing microfinance with DeFi tools

GloryFinance has been developed as a liquidity protocol that aims to make decentralized finance (DeFi) more accessible to people and drive the use of cryptocurrencies in microfinance. The platform serves as an ideal cryptocurrency for beginners and bridges the gap between the underbanked population of the world and financial services. Plus, the Glory Finance dashboard can be easily customized to help its users interact more effectively with the protocol. Its native token is GLORY which functions as both the governance and utility token. Through Glory Finance's peer-to-peer protocol, borrowers can secure loans across multiple blockchain-based networks at flexible rates. At the same time, lenders can stake their assets and earn attractive rewards for contributing to the liquidity pool. As Glory Finance uses a decentralized governance structure, token holders also get to move and vote for proposals seeking systemic changes. These changes can include proposals to support new markets, introduce new parameters, and introduce new functionality to the protocol.

3. Reality Metaverse: A real estate boom in Metaverse

Reality Metaverse is among the new altcoins that are striving to drive impact with Metaverse-based solutions that are both practical and profitable for crypto users. The platform leverages tokenization to convert famous landmarks across the world into an NFT. Users can buy these NFTs and earn royalties on them. These NFTs can be used in multiple games that are available on the network. In addition, NFT holders will be earning trading fees from both primary and secondary NFT marketplaces. Reality Metaverse's native token RLTM is the main crypto coin on the network. One of the most famous games available on the network is Landlord Go where players go around the globe collecting rent from popular landmarks. The team's collection of landmarks includes over 2000 properties. Each NFT will represent actual cities, countries, and buildings. Built on a 1:1 scale, these NFTs are 3D assets that can be used in several other games too.

4. ChainGPT: A one-stop AI solution for all your blockchain needs

ChainGPT is an artificial intelligence-powered solution for all your blockchain needs. The platform leverages next-generation algorithms and high-speed computing tools to address challenges in blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. What makes ChainGPT a good crypto to buy is the wide array of services that it has to offer. From any kind of information about blockchain or cryptocurrencies to smart contracts auditor, no-code smart contracts generator, blockchain-based analytics, APIs to deploy dApps, and on-chain data, among others. Its native token is CGPT and it serves as the main medium of exchange on the network. A key USP of this token is its deflationary model which keeps the token price stable. Almost 50% of all CGPT tokens are collected as profits and fees are burned to keep the supply scarce and fluctuations minimal. By holding the CGPT token, users can look forward to enjoying staking and farming opportunities on the ChainGPT network.

5. Zenland: Secure transfers with no-code smart contracts

Zenland is a decentralized platform for deploying no-code smart contracts for guaranteeing fair and secure exchanges in online transactions. It's a top crypto to invest in especially if you consider the kind of value it offers to professionals without a technical background like freelancers and OTC participants. The platform has rolled out a native token for its network which is called the ZENF token. The platform has been audited by Quillshare and it is compatible with MetaMask. Another feature of Zenland that has won it many users is the availability of escrow accounts. In case of any disputes between the trading parties, Zenlandhas set up a dispute resolution team to help them reach an amicable solution.

6. PlayZap: Use your skills to win lucrative rewards

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency that is a top crypto to invest in and enables you to have a good time for hours, PlayZap is an option that you should consider. Developed as a competitive gaming platform, the PlayZap network features a wide array of games where they can use their skills to own assets and win tokens and NFTs in prizes. The platform's native token PZP is the primary cryptocurrency on the network. The network has been developed with a user-friendly interface where players can easily switch between games and get a chance to compete with players in live settings. At the same time, they can connect with a thriving community of other gamers to boost their network. PlayZap encourages its token holders to participate in its governance and operations by voting for proposals focusing on games and new features. They can also attend the exclusive events and tournaments that the platform organizes from time to time by buying tickets, which represent NFTs.

7. Kepler Homes: 3D gaming at its best

Kepler Homes is a 3D and massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that aims to draw more crypto users to NFTs and encourage game content creators to build more exciting games. The storyline entails a futuristic setting on a planet called Kepler where everything is unknown. Players would be required to choose a profession and fight unknown creatures. The platform has rolled out two tokens – KEPL and KEME. Any rewards that players win in the game would be in terms of the KEPL token. The other token KEME is the platform's governance token which can be used for voting for community proposals. The KEME token would also be the medium of exchange on the network. Users will be eligible for rewards, shall they choose to stake the KEME token.

8. Blue Sale: Launch your token without any hassles

If you thought the journey of becoming a blockchain innovator and launching a crypto token is too complicated for you, think again. Blue Sale is a nuanced beginner cryptocurrency that enables you to launch your own token and even host initial token sales without requiring coding knowledge. The platform has many templates with varying features like listing the token on any decentralized exchange, options to lock the liquidity pool, or adding a vesting period to the token sale process. Its native token is BLS which is the primary cryptocurrency on the network. Another token rolled out by the platform is xBLS which is used for governance and community-based voting. One of the most distinctive features of the BlueSale network is the high-end security framework. With its strict KYC procedures, the platform takes care to weed out malicious actors or security concerns.

Is DigiToads a good crypto to buy?

These eight crypto tokens are among the new alt coins that have been all over the news with their impressive performance. Despite being launched just a little while ago, these new alt coins tick all the right boxes for a dependable cryptocurrency. From being secure to scalability to utility and versatility, they offer the right mix of features that will amp up your returns while diversifying your portfolio. Among these names, the one crypto project that has won over a lot of cryptocurrency analysts is DigiToads. The latest ico has garnered largely positive reviews owing to its exclusive yet impactful economic model that can help its users build a sustained source of passive income. Many analysts who have reviewed the TOADS token feel that it has the potential to cross 50x in return in the coming months.

For more Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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