Bryan Legend Coins “#BARS” - Vulcan Blockchain’s New Era of DeFi

Bryan Legend Coins “#BARS” - Vulcan Blockchain’s New Era of DeFi

Following a string of successful business launches in the last year, Forbes top list regular Bryan Legend recently put out a hot tweet, highlighting the importance of automated revenue sharing. We thought we’d take a deeper look as Bryan is confident that an innovative approach to staking is the future. The Vulcan Blockchainproject he has developed is now pioneering an entirely new type of auto-staking function that effectively negates regulation and gives users access to multiple streams of passive income via the Fixed, Flex, and PowerPool tools within the platform.


Staking As a Form of Income

With blockchain technologies progressing by leaps and bounds, many investment strategies have cropped up. Among the most popular is staking, which in essence boils down to lending user-owned coins to a blockchain node operator, or to the network itself, so the latter can run the network and validate transactions. Users are compensated for their commitment through rewards that the validator charges in the form of fees for hashing network operations on the blockchain. In short, staking guarantees passive income, which is proportional to the amount of funds staked, the lockup period, and the conditions of the validator.

The rewards are paid in native network coins, which users are free to reinvest or sell, thus adding another layer of security to the concept of staking and protecting users from foreign asset exchange rate fluctuations by diversifying holdings. However, the ease of earning provided by staking has attracted the attention of global financial regulators and authorities alike, as seen recently with the SEC.

What Is BARS?

Bryan Legend believes that the DeFi market is undergoing rapid changes and the need for effective protocols is evident to provide investors with more guarantees, and a safer alternative to coming under regulatory scrutiny. The need for greater security and independence from external regulation is driving blockchain evolution, Bryan says, and that reality has motivated him to coin the term BARS – “Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing”. 

The blockchain Bryan Legend founded, Vulcan,now looks to become the stage for the next phase of DeFi. The features of Vulcan which marry with the concept of BARS, to provide a safe space of decentralized security aimed at generating income with complete focus on user adoption, on-chain volume and ecosystem expansion. By acting as an automatic revenue sharing service, Vulcan is a true game-changer for the industry.

The Vulcan blockchain boasts all the aspects that define it as a Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing service, and the auto-rebasing mechanism adjusts the supply of native network $VUL coins every 15 minutes. The presence of an auto-compounding feature in the Vulcan blockchain, which increases $VUL coin holder ownership with every network epoch, only adds to its status of a next-generation DeFi solution.

In addition, there are 3 innovative methods for earning passive income on the Vulcan platform:

Fixed - Which is a consistent and unmodifiable fixed 44% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) per year which is distributed directly to VUL token holders, as rebases. All $VUL holders receive this just by holding $VUL coins in their wallet through the platform's Auto-Staking mechanism. This amount is distributed to all eligible wallets without the need to lock up coins at all, giving everyone in the ecosystem a high APR without commitment.

Flex - This option sees that 1% of fees from all $VUL transactions conducted on the Vulcan Network which are accumulated throughout a 24 hour period is collected and then made available for all users which hold a minimum of 1 $VUL in their wallet to claim. The amount available for each holder is proportionate to their holding as a percentage of the total supply. 

PowerPool - Users can also claim tokens from the PowerPool - a 30 day cumulative total of unclaimed daily Flex rewards. PowerPool ensures that rewards are not lost and can be claimed by active users who claim their flex reward every day without missing a day. This feature encourages continued participation in the ecosystem, promotes on-chain activity for node operator rewards, and redistributes vital resources in the Vulcan ecosystem. Like Flex, PowerPool rewards are distributed as a percentage of the user's holdings in relation to the total supply.

What’s Next?

In light of the dawning changes in industry conditions and consumer preferences, Vulcan looks set to provide a swathe of products which benefit not only the users looking to make a reliable passive income, but also the ecosystem as a whole. Vulcan looks set to play host to the new standard in DeFi, and adopting the principles of Bryan Legend’s BARS may well see it through to success.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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