TCNH, a Stablecoin Pegged to Offshore Chinese Yuan, listed on Huobi

TCNH, a Stablecoin Pegged to Offshore Chinese Yuan, listed on Huobi

Singapore, Singapore, 21st February, 2023, Chainwire

TCNH, a stablecoin pegged to offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH) with a pilot program allowing organizations to mint TCNH, announced that it is now available on Huobi, where users can trade it through the TCNH/USDT pair. Huobi is the first exchange to support TCNH after its launch. Apart from minting directly through TCNH's official website after being verified as a whitelisted organization, users may also acquire TCNH tokens through the crypto trading pairs available on exchanges.

Huobi is a leading crypto exchange that has witnessed its cumulative trading volume exceeding $1.2 trillion since its launch in 2013. Huobi has set up customer service teams in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong SAR, and other regions, aiming to provide secure and reliable crypto trading and digital asset management services for millions of users in over 130 countries/regions worldwide. Huobi is currently seeking a license in Hong Kong, which is a major step for the leading cryptocurrency exchange and a sign of its continued commitment to operating in a compliant and regulated manner. This has significant implications for the transactional utility and broader adoption of TCNH.

Already deployed on TRON, one of the world's fastest-growing public blockchains, the CNH-pegged stablecoin TCNH will benefit from low transaction costs and instant transfer speed. TCNH also plans to comply with applicable laws and technical requirements while having itself audited by world-class accounting firms. TCNH is determined and well positioned to become part of the wide spectrum of stablecoins for users worldwide.

TCNH's listing on Huobi will further build up its presence in the global market whilst allowing other CNH-pegged stablecoins to make a greater impact on a global stage. We hope that the listing of TCNH on Huobi will open up more possibilities to the crypto market worldwide.

About TCNH

TCNH is a TRON-based stablecoin pegged to Offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH) at 1:1. For more information, please check out our Twitter and Medium.

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