CEO of LYOPAY Luiz Góes on the Cover of IB Magazine

CEO of LYOPAY Luiz Góes on the Cover of IB Magazine

Who is the Brazilian entrepreneur Luiz Góes

Luiz Góes is a business executive with a specialization in process management, leadership, and business implementation. He has worked in fintech management and has promoted several digital business consultancies. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in military science from Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras in 2008, and holds an MBA in public management. He also holds a Medal of Military Merit for excellent services rendered to the Brazilian Army.

In 2018, Luiz became a financial advisor for a fintech group in Dubai. In 2020, he founded LGbank, a cryptocurrency escrow platform. He developed and designed business tokenization projects with an emphasis on project implementation and profit-sharing, and based on crowdfunding models. In Brazil, he leads a group with 8,000 clients that participate in business under his recommendation. He has also provided consultancy for altcoins and token projects.

Luiz Góes is the CEO of LYOPAY, a project in the fintech and cryptocurrency industry.

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