Why The DAO Is The Future for a User-Centric Approach to Business

Why The DAO Is The Future for a User-Centric Approach to Business

The decentralized industry was intended as a user-centric environment, one that was postulated by the creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto. Idealistic as it may have seemed then, his vision was eventually commercialized and turned into the ‘decentralized’ industry we know today, one that is excessively centralized.

Be it a decentralized application catering to a marketplace, or a cybersports platform, the issues of modern projects are the same – the user has little involvement in the happenings of the venue, instead taking on the role of a passive spectator who pays for the privilege of watching traction unfold on a centralized roadmap basis.

Detachment as a Mechanism

Every project starts with an idea in the mind of the entrepreneur who has the courage to take the next step and develop a product. However, what the vast majority of project founders and management teams forget is that they are operating in a decentralized industry, which is supposed to uphold the principles of a peer-to-peer interaction model.

If the aforementioned cybersports and related industries are to be taken as an example, the same issues of fan detachment can easily be traced and tethered to the failure of numerous platforms. If sports clubs had given their fans the right to make decisions regarding project traction, involvement in games would have been much higher, sales would have risen, and development would have been fast-tracked. All simply because the users would have gotten exactly what they wanted and voted for, not what the management team thought the users wanted. Unfortunately, such mechanisms for direct relation to audiences are lacking in many industries. The reason for such detachment is simple – the management team believes they know best what their clients want.

Taking on Cybersports

For those who know the specifics of the sports and cybersports industries, passion and individual desires take center stage there, pacing special focus on fans. Connecting with the desires of fans and giving them what they want to engage in is the simple and effective mechanism that constitutes the key ingredient of a successful platform.

Nowhere has this principle been more prominently exposed in recent times than in the innovative KAIF DAO Platform – the world’s first Vote-to-Earn platform. The new model that leverages the power of the individual fan’s vote bears immense potential for many industries. Given that the KAIF DAO Platform is intending to launch an IDO in the near future, fans and observers will have the chance to witness just how effective onboarding audiences and empowering them can really be.

The  progressive project is based on a simple and yet effective mechanism, as the KAIF DAO Platform allows companies to engage with the community through voting, activities and proposals. DAO members earn money for completing interactions and all decisions are made according to the principle of a DAO, where every vote counts. Needless to say, the underlying blockchain basis ensures complete transparency and immutability of all processes on the platform.

The How and What

If the benefits provided by the Vote-to-Earn mechanism are to be considered from a broader business perspective, it becomes apparent that all parties to it will have the upper hand.

By relying on such an approach, organizations can enter a platform that already has users motivated to vote or be active and propose its offerings. DAO members can earn tokens for their activities and dispose of them at their discretion. The aforementioned KAIF DAO Platform has an appropriate venue specifically designed for such scenarios – the KAIF Marketplace, where DAO members can buy exclusive products for the native KAIF token they earn with their involvement in platform happenings.

Another interesting feature is the presence of IP shares within the framework of the KAIF DAO Platform, which allows users from crypto-negative countries to purchase KAIF tokens directly and still take advantage of platform opportunities. The scenario is especially relevant for businesses seeking to scale in a world overlaid by sanctions. Lest we forget, users are passionate and eager to get involved regardless of their place of residence – one of the core virtues of decentralization, after all.

Other benefits offered by the DAO platform include the ability for brands to receive near instant feedback from fans and release products based on their opinions. Most importantly, businesses will be able to easily create User Generated Content through various activities conducted by users on a massive scale, which will quickly create awareness of a new product and increase sales.

Next Steps

Time will tell just how effective the KAIF DAO Platform’s innovative Vote-to-Earn model really is, since its upcoming roadmap stages include the launch of an IDO and the release of native tokens and IP shares. With the pre-IDO whitelist launch, which is planned on November 7, the community sale round coming up and the public sale slated for the beginning of next year along with the launch of V.1 of the mobile application, things are looking promising thus far.

The platform has already signed partnerships with the DSV Leoben football club and is also in talks to sign contracts with a racing team, a boxing club, and a European energy drink brand. But plans seem to be big, considering future intentions to launch a native metaverse and extensive marketplace. In the meantime, all we can do is check out the KAIF DAO Platform’s social media channels and keep track of their progress.

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