VICUNA has Launched, Revolutionizing E-Commerce on Metaverse

VICUNA has Launched, Revolutionizing E-Commerce on Metaverse

OSDT, a licensed, UAE-based license technology company, has announced the launch of VICUNA – a next-generation metaverse project set to bring real-life experiences to e-commerce via the VINAVERSE. The project has already won the Gold Medal for innovation at the International Invention Exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia 2021, and Geneva, Switzerland 2022.

Research by Globaldata indicates that the global metaverse market size was valued at USD 22.79 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.8% during 2022-2030. In light of Meta’s stalling progress and the significant drop in share prices from almost $400 to $95, the market has started looking for solutions capable of meeting users’ rapidly changing demands.

E-Commerce - The VICUNA Way

VICUNA is set to revolutionize e-commerce by introducing novel mechanisms of interaction designed to benefit users, sellers, and publishers alike. Users earn from any activities in the metaverse, essentially monetizing routine interactions via Meta-Credit, which will pave the way for seamless sales of goods inside the platform as users. Refer products and earn a commission while at the same time accessing discount bonuses and staking, determined based on their VINA stakes and credit levels.

The use of blockchain in VICUNA allows the embedded mechanisms to help users find the best possible princess for products, whilst AI creates a targeted advertising landscape and rids users of irrelevant content. All buy, sell, and list actions are displayed on the blockchain, ensuring that prices are transparent and competition among metaverse participants is maximized, all geared toward providing the user with as much value as possible.

VICUNA Ecosystem Elements

State-of-the-art security provided by the decentralized MetaID protocol, which encrypts all credentials, ensures that users will be the sole owners of their data. MetaID ensures that even the VICUNA platform will not be able to know the true identity of the user.

Monetization on VICUNA from businesses is via the Cost per Sale and Ad & Engagement Platform. Companies only pay for sales they make using the ad platform, paid in VINA tokens, meaning all ad spending is directly trackable to revenue. The VINAVerse plugin can be used in e-commerce platforms while providing access to payment channels, ad placement, and promotion campaigns, all within the frameworks of a single ecosystem. VICUNA will also include other elements in the future:

  • PriceWaive
  • Credit Bridge

The Way Forward

The last quarter of 2022 will witness the launch of the Public Sale of the VICUNA project and the VINA Verse introduction, where users can enter a real-life enriched virtual world. Additional features like VINA MetaZoo and FitNet will be launched in the first and second phases of 2023, respectively. The public presale of VINA tokens is currently underway and will end on November 10, followed by the project listing on BitMart. 

🌟Upcoming New Listing🌟

🤩#BitMart will list VINA @VICUNAPlatform soon!
VICUNA Metaverse is an enriched ecosystem to define a new kind of experience for Digital-Life enriched with Smell, Touch, and Taste.

Keep an eye on our official announcement for more details!

October 21, 2022


As metaverses take center stage in the development of Web3, the VICUNA project is on the right track with its diverse range of services targeting the rapidly growing e-commerce sector.

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