Cornucopias Migrates Tokens to Cardano Via ChainPort Partnership

Cornucopias Migrates Tokens to Cardano Via ChainPort Partnership

As more developments take shape within the blockchain industry, we see more cross-chain access for various digital assets. For consumers, this means being able to access the assets that they prefer via very convenient channels. One of the latest of these comes from Cornucopias, which previously, Cornucopias had deployed its native contract on Ethereum to the BNB chain a few months ago using ChainPort and is now doing the same from Ethereum to Cardano. 

With this development, those who use its native COPI token can move it across the three blockchains with ease. 

Cornucopias Offering More Flexibility 

ChainPort, on its part, has been working towards creating more market access to the Cardano chain and just completed onboarding of support for the chain. Acting as a cross-chain bridge, ChainPort is working towards creating more transaction speed and security within the industry and is collaborating with forward-thinking projects to do so. 

Cornucopias has proven to be one of these as it is one of the first blockchain projects to offer Cardano assets transfer using ChainPort. This is very significant because Cardano is one of the biggest blockchains on the planet, going toe-to-toe with the likes of Ethereum and being especially popular among blockchain gaming fans. 

Given how popular blockchain gaming itself is and all the potential that this burgeoning sector has, the ability to move Cardano assets with ease will certainly be welcome. Currently, Cornucopias’ gaming ecosystem offers play-and-earn, build-and-earn, and learn-and-earn features. With this new development with ChainPort, the project plans to expand on its interoperability and welcome even more users. 

“We chose Cardano as our foundational blockchain for more reasons than we can list here, but security and scalability are paramount.  Similarly, we’ve selected ChainPort as our bridge of choice due to ChainPort’s emphasis on security. At Cornucopias, our players and token holders come first, so choosing the most secure option came naturally." said Josh Jones, Cornucopias' Co-CEO.

The Need for Interoperability 

As most of us know, the blockchain sector is filled with different networks and each has its advantages which trickle down to the assets that are based on them. By being able to move assets from one chain to another, consumers can enjoy the benefits of multiple chains at the same time. This also applies especially to blockchain-based ecosystems. Take Cornucopias’ “The Island” game which allows users to own virtual ‘land’ and also profit from it while engaging with a digital universe. By offering cross-chain interoperability, Cardano assets can be used within the Island and still transferred to the Ethereum Chain and vice versa. 

And this applies not only to the players themselves but also to game developers. 

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