4 Ways to revolutionize Social Media

4 Ways to revolutionize Social Media

Social Media has been on a rollercoaster ride ever since its beginning. A few years after the social media trend picked up speed, people started to feel saturated with one platform and switched to another. The new social media platforms bring unique features and possibilities for their users. But can these new additions mean a revamped interest, or can they bring new people to join the platform? 

With the current state of social media not showing a happy picture, MT Tower brings a new way of engaging with online audiences and platforms. It’s a virtual world enabled by the Polygon blockchain allowing users to create unique avatars, build content, and interact and collaborate with other people. Let’s find out more about how MT Tower can revolutionize Social Media and the four ways to make social media better than its current position. 

The Current State of Social Media

In the past year, Facebook has undergone rebranding, Twitter has controversial changes in its leadership, and other social media platforms are also undergoing changes. Among these aspects, social media boredom is another troubling trend for the current ecosystem. 42% of the people quitting at least one social media platform cited boredom as the reason. This forces us to find new ways to make social media engaging again. 

How is MT Tower Transitioning to the New Face of Social Media?

MT Tower is aiming to become a lifestyle and gaming platform built on a metaverse & Web3.0 to create new ways of engaging with the social and physical world. It allows the users to make new connections and collaborate with brands, along with building a bridge between the virtual and physical worlds. As a result, the people in the MT Tower can express their creativity in the virtual world and stay connected to the real world. Within MT Tower, users will be able to  live as virtual influencers and connect with their audiences on different social media platforms. 

Four Ways Social Media Can be Revolutionized

Integrating the AR and VR Technology

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies will allow users to immerse themselves in the digital world and explore its unlimited possibilities. This means people can enter the Metaverse and interact with the virtual elements like they do in the real world. With AR, content sharing on social media platforms can be more accessible and seamless. AR and VR technologies will allow users to immerse themselves in the digital world and use senses other than vision to interact fully with the platforms. 

Use Social Media to Form Intimate Connections

The pandemic taught us many things: humans crave intimate connections and conversations. Unfortunately, as the pandemic restricted everyone to their homes, the lack of these connections worsened things. However, social media can help bridge this gap by enabling 3D connections between different people on social media. 

We need to build social media platforms that support making social connections and help users provide emotional support to their loved ones. Already we are using social media to stay connected. Still, with the help of advanced technologies, we can take it up by one notch. 

Monetizing Creativity

Influencers, creators, and artists can use social media to build rapport and reputation on digital platforms. Just as the influencers have a following on real-world social media, they can replicate it in the Metaverse. Moreover, they can host events, concerts, summits, etc. At the same time, these creators and artists can also monetize these avenues by selling tickets, giving sponsorships, and running advertisements. 

Use Web3 to Be Creative and Imaginative

Web3 will decentralize the future of content creation. Everyone sitting anywhere in the world can express their creativity and innovation with Web3 technology. As a result, content creators will find a new type of freedom to express their opinions and art. 

Social media needs a revamp, and it can happen with the help of Web3, Metaverse, AR, and VR technologies. MT Tower is at the forefront of realizing the potential of these technologies and making headway in the right direction with the drive towards Social Media 3.0. 

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