OVER ARwards Get Revamped As Over The Reality Unveils Exciting New Contest

OVER ARwards Get Revamped As Over The Reality Unveils Exciting New Contest

For the longest time, the fashion industry has been a core component of each and every society, irrespective of individual interests based on factors such as culture, ethnic background, and history. This industry, like so many others, must therefore capitalize on the tremendous potential of the various technological innovations which are arising today that are also attributing to the apparently unavoidable shift into the Web3 age.

As such, a brand new and completely revamped edition of OVER ARwards has recently been announced. The name of this edition is the ‘Venue Design Contest’, with the overall theme being the formation of detailed environments wherein 3D creators shall be able to select different categories for their respective projects which include music halls, art galleries, stores and exhibition halls.

What is OVER anyway?

OVER is a decentralized platform for promoting art that is not constrained by dress codes, color restrictions, or material constraints. Users can ‘live’ interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences customized in the real world with a mobile device or a pair of smart glasses through the blockchain-oriented AR platform. Essentially, OVER is a new AR standard that bases experiences on a user's individual position and unique preferences.

What to expect?

As is the case with nearly every viable project in this industry, the allure of exciting prizes is often utilized as a reliable method of attracting more people. OVER is no different, and so the main novelties for this edition involve the jury, the final prize, and the official guidelines which have also been revamped. Moreover, Spaces DAO, SandStorm, Pangea DAO, Parcel, MetaMundo, Metahood, and The LandVault will all be partners of OVER as well as members of the specialized jury.

OVER fans will also be delighted to know that there is a substantial final prize pool being planned for this edition which includes a whopping $30,000 in OVR tokens. There is a ranking system that will hence reward creators who rank from 1st to 10th place accordingly, with the prizes for 6th till 10th positions being the same (750 OVR each). Not only that, but the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks will receive 9,000, 7,500 and 4,500 OVR respectively. It is also worth mentioning that the 1st to 5th positions shall be decided via the highly qualified jury consisting of OVER and the aforementioned partners.

This edition will thus officially begin on October 4th and end on December 15th, 2022. During these 10 weeks, the creators will be allowed to design and upload their respective projects. Furthermore, from December 16th to January 10th, the users can vote for the best creations according to their own individual preferences. The final rankings shall be published from January 11th onward with the final awards ceremony taking place on January 25th, 2023. Needless to say, it is certainly an exciting time for OVER, the fashion industry and Web3 itself right now thanks to innovative events like this.

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