OSIS Enables Anyone to Tokenize Their Business or Assets In Minutes

OSIS Enables Anyone to Tokenize Their Business or Assets In Minutes

The tokenization market has a lot of room to grow in the next couple of years, estimated to reach over $544 trillion in less than two decades, and OSIS plans to accelerate the adoption of a tokenized world.

OSIS is a decentralised blockchain launchpad that allows anyone to migrate from Web2 to Web3. It’s the first platform to enable users to tokenize everything at scale, from businesses, brands, music, and even careers. Its core mission is not only to make Web3 more accessible for everyone but also to educate people on the matter.

How does OSIS work?

OSIS is a feature-rich platform that provides all the tools necessary for users to start their Web3 journey: 

  • OSIS Core: an ecosystem that provides developers with the right set of tools to start interacting and building with blockchain technology. Businesses can tokenize, create Web3 domain names and build on top of the OSIS Core API (Application Programming Interface)


  • OSIS Exchange: a decentralised exchange for transacting and swapping cryptocurrency coins and tokens, that is entirely curated by its community through votes using OSIS & MetaBadges.


  • OSIS Tokenizer: the first no-code tokenization platform that anyone can launch a token (currency) or NFT collection.


  • OSIS University: access to Web3 education.


The OSIS token powers the OSIS ecosystem, currently priced at $0.5. To start participating in the ecosystem, users need to create an account and buy OSIS tokens using PayPal or VISA card. Token purchases are kept as utility to contribute to the OSIS Tokenization Launchpad, which will go live in Q4 2022.

Users receive different benefits depending on the amount of OSIS they buy. Every purchase of $500 worth of OSIS provides users access to multiple Apotheosis products, such as OSIS University, a CoinCare Digital Currency Card, Ethos Express, and a MetaBadge NFT.

A host of benefits

Having a MetaBadge offers a lot of exclusive benefits as well. By buying 5000 OSIS, users get ascended status in the OSIS’ official discord community, free NFT domain, 5 Super Rare, Iconic-tier MetaBadges, strategy meetings, private founder meet & greet, and more. To claim MetaBadges, visit this guide video on Instagram.

The firesale ends on October 27th, with OSIS’ initial public launch in Bitmart taking place October 30th. There are 10 million OSIS tokens available for sale. Currently, 2.4+ Million OSIS tokens have been sold.

Further, OSIS plans to provide Web3 domain names as part of a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, in which OSIS receives a 30% revenue share of all domains sold in OSIS Core. Web3 domains are human-readable, censorship-resistant, and allow users to send and receive crypto instead of using a standard crypto address.

OSIS’ integration with CoinCare will allow users to seamlessly execute transactions between fiat and digital currencies to buy products and services. CoinCare Group is a sister company of OSIS, owned by the same founders. All transactions taking place on OSIS have a 1% fee paid out in OSIS.

Overall, OSIS plans to democratise the centralised socio-economic infrastructure in today’s world by providing users with the resources needed to start building on Web3, an ecosystem that eliminates the need for intermediaries, centralised corporations and focuses on the user.

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