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The best App to explore the crypto depths

The best App to explore the crypto depths

Arctic is a crypto wallet created by industry professionals who design and build products 

and are familiar with the target audience needs. We assembled a strong team and 

provided them with the opportunity to execute the boldest ideas.

  1. What inspired us to build Arctic Wallet?

Arctic is not just an average crypto wallet, it is a simple and convenient ecosystem. Modularity and an all-in-one approach are the keys to letting users opt out of multiple separate services in favor of a single clear interface for daily tasks ranging from grocery shopping and managing subscriptions to investing and browsing the Web3.






Multi App  


Make people’s lives easier


Crypto, blockchain,

Web3, investment




18 members


  1. Scope of Work & Timeline


  1. Hypotheses & Market Research


✅ The crypto market is rapidly developing

✅ More and more businesses integrate                

     blockchain and Web3 technologies.

✅ Despite the global recession in 2022,  

     the number of people holding 

     cryptocurrencies multiplied threefold 

     (Binance Research).

✅ Cryptocurrencies have been legalized                    in the UAE, Japan, Germany, Italy and
     44 other countries.

✅ The stability of fiat currencies and the 

     trustworthiness of the banking system 

     are increasingly under challenge.


 ⚠️The COVID-19 pandemic, accelerating 

      inflation in developed countries, and 

      unstable political climate all contributed 

      to the devaluation of savings under the 

      influence of outside factors.

 ⚠️ Lack of trust in centralized financial 

      systems leads to users declining to share 

      personal data. An increasing number of 

      cases of bank-authorized forfeiture 

      further accentuates the issue of 

      security of funds.

 ⚠️ The difficulty of managing assets on 

      blockchain stops a significant share of 

      potential users from buying and using crypto.



Each of these 450 dots represents a headline about the “death” of Bitcoin                                            

Over 8 years of work in the industry through its ups and downs taught us to keep emotions in check and resist both FUD and FOMO. We approached the product with a cool head and a deep understanding of its intricacies.

  1. Benchmarking Competitors

We segmented the competitors by carrying out a field study and compiling and analyzing over 80 brand and product attributes. After filtering the collected data, we got a better understanding of the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and came up with 26 unique features which lay the foundation for the future ecosystem of the product.




✅ Develop a modular application for flexible              introduction of new features and updates

     and quick resolution of issues.

✅ Integrate all available features into the 

     app:exchange, buy, sell, then add staking, 

     NFT management and storage; and to

     lay a foundation to integrate Web3

     widgets into the wallet later on.

✅ Create user-friendly interface solutions to              help "no-coiner" users adapt better.
     Multi- and complex solutions will be made

     available in a Pro interface in the future.

✅ Allow Arctic users to influence the

     development and feature production 

     with a DAO tool set.

✅ Position our developers as brand

     ambassadors to give better transparency              about design and development.


 🪙 Commissions from partner integrations 

 🪙 Unobtrusive in-app advertising 




  1. Brand Attributes

Brand attributes reflect the team’s values, broadcast both to the media and to the team. 

They establish the brand identity on the market and dictate relationships with the overall culture, merchants, and customers, as well as values and the company’s voice.


  1. User Flow

To describe the essential app functions, we created a flow chart of the basic user actions. One of them is given below. For the purposes of this UX case, we omit the extended descriptions for each action.


6.1 Wireframes and Initial Insights


6.2 Collecting Prototype Feedback:

 👨‍💻 After the initial drafts, we broke down the UI on more than 72 hours of sync calls.

   We designed a research and feedback collection plan with the project’s goals,

          priorities, and KPIs.

📉 Based on the plan, we created a proximity diagram to compile and break down 

         patterns into clusters.

💻 Finally, we made a presentation about the results of the usability research to  

         demonstrate the gist of findings, ideas, and recommendations for partners. 

  1. High-Fidelity UI design

After finalizing the flow and prototypes, we moved on to brand identity and designing the initial interface versions. Picking the color palette and typeface was a crucial moment. To maintain consistency in design, we compiled a style guide. For colors, to get precise coloring and shadows, we use the HSL model. And for the layout, to ensure its consistent scaling across all platforms, custom typography has been made.


  1. User Research

8.1 Focus group composition

There are four general categories in our focus group.


The size of the sample group was calculated from a planned median yearly MAU of 10 thousand users with a confidence level of 90% and a ±10% discrepancy.

8.2 Qualitative Analysis

After finalizing a reference group, we drafted a questionnaire for qualitative analysis of the product and referred it to the testers prior to the beta. This will help fine-tune decision-making, avoid subpar user experience, and make adjustments to the products prior to the release to make it more in line with the expectations of users. Below is the questionnaire we use for the qualitative analysis and defining patterns of user groups:




8.3 CUSTdev and Beta Testing

We devised the reward system to encourage the focus group to finish the beta test. The focus group participants were to check all the crypto wallet functions and perform specific actions. Afterward, they were invited to evaluate all the product elements according to CUSTdev specifically designed for the purpose. Wallet testing stages:

  • Check Wallet, Portfolio, Exchanges, Buy/Sell pastedGraphic_23.png , History, and Setting sections inside the app.
  • Perform a test exchange using the available TRX amount.
  • Create a transaction using the ‘send’ option and transfer successfully swapped funds.
  • Contact support via live chat.
  • Sell or buy tokens with the corresponding function powered by our partner platform Mercuryo. 

We ensured extra-rewards were granted to participants who managed to screen-record the whole process.

8.4 Data Analysis

Participants were given two week to finish all the steps. After that, we gathered and sorted out the retrieved data. As a result, Buy/Sell option appeared to be the most compelling to users. Focus group participants rated a large number of functions, a user-friendly interface, and the number of assets the highest. The average rate equalling 4 shows great teamwork in decision-making, UI and UX design, and project flow management.  


We analyzed the major problems users reported and identified the following groups of issues.pastedGraphic_26.pngpastedGraphic_28.png

  1. Final Metrics

  1. 10.User Persona


  1. 11.Empathy Mapping


  1. 12.CJM


  1. 13.Prioritizing Ideas

After investigating user behavior patterns and finishing beta testing, we set the goals and priority levels and organized them into a roadmap.


  1. 14.Conclusion

An integrated approach has allowed us to avoid serious problems with product development. Full-fledged research conducted right after the release attracted the first 1,500 people in a month and several dozen partners, including Mercuryo, TRON and SOL. In the next six months, we plan to increase MAU to 10,000 people and add more killer features already in development. We are confident that the Arctic will help our users survive more than one crypto-winter and the midnight sun will eventually come.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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