No Support for 1inch (1INCH), STEPN (GMT); Investors Throng towards’s CRNO Token

No Support for 1inch (1INCH), STEPN (GMT); Investors Throng towards’s CRNO Token

Although the crypto market is on a comeback path, several cryptocurrencies are still trapped in the grip of bears. 1inch (1INCH) and STEPN (GMT) are two such cryptocurrencies that are finding it difficult to remain in the green zone. On the contrary, the new crypto, (CRNO), has posted some unbelievable growth-indicating numbers.’s pre-sale was a massive success, with all its tokens being nearly sold out. This article analyses why 1inch (1INCH) and STEPN (GMT) suffer while it is raining bulls for (CRNO).

No Promising Momentum for 1inch (1INCH)

The last few weeks have been favorable for 1inch (1INCH) as its price has started to climb after sliding down for months during the market crash. However, 1inch (1INCH) is still trading at $0.684, more than 91% below its all-time high of $7.87. 1inch (1INCH) has recently witnessed a rise in its price due to an increase in the trade volumes on the network, given the overall increase in the crypto market. But if the market goes down again, 1inch (1INCH) may not survive the fall.  

1inch (1INCH) is a blockchain-based aggregator that aims to connect multiple decentralized exchanges (DEX) into one unified platform. It boasts of having the fastest and most protected operations in the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) arena. 1inch (1INCH) enables users to compare and optimize their crypto trades and swaps without going through every exchange separately. The primary objectives of 1inch (1INCH) are providing security to transactions and lowering gas fees. 

The Financial Well-being of STEPN (GMT) Under Constant Pressure

STEPN (GMT) has witnessed a fall in its price in recent months, and the grim conditions do not seem to be over for the project. The price of STEPN (GMT) has tumbled by over 4% during the last week. Its market cap has also shrunk owing to the recent market crash. Currently, STEPN (GMT) is being traded at $0.668, a dip of 83.75% from its all-time high of $4.11. 

STEPN (GMT) is a self-styled “Web3 lifestyle app” that aims to disrupt the market of fitness applications with GameFi elements on the Solana blockchain. It combines the play-to-earn aspect with a fitness app that incentivizes users to adopt a healthier lifestyle. STEPN (GMT) users can buy NFT sneakers, which they can use to earn in-game currency by walking, running, or jogging. The platform is based on the “proof of movement” mechanism and a functioning GPS system, which prove that users are really exercising. GMT is a Solana-based cryptocurrency that fuels the ecosystem of STEPN. Moves Upwards On the Growth Chart's (CRNO) market share has grown significantly following the success of its pre-sale. All’s (CRNO) tokens are nearly sold out, and it has risen by nearly 690% during its pre-sale. Its price has reached $0.079 from $0.01. Analysts believe that (CRNO) can grow by 5,000% in the coming months. (CRNO) is the first digital marketplace where users can invest fractionally in luxury watches. (CRNO) procures luxury watches from multinational brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille, and mints their NFTs that can be broken into several fractions. Fracionalising NFTs allows users to invest in luxury watches for as low as $10. This way, several small and retail investors can also invest in the project. 

Another factor that makes (CRNO) attractive is that these NFTs are backed by real-world physical watches, which makes the price of (CRNO) stable and ever-increasing. Luxury watches have consistently seen appreciation in their value.’s whitepaper also underlines that the watch market will grow rapidly to record a profit of $49 billion in the coming years. (CRNO) has successfully attracted investors from far and wide. The platform has several other plans in the pipeline, including enabling (CRNO) holders to stake their tokens to earn passive income, a lending protocol, and strategic associations with gamers and metaverse creators.





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