Make Crypto Easier with Bloomify’s Advanced Yield Optimizer

Make Crypto Easier with Bloomify’s Advanced Yield Optimizer

A yield optimizer is an automated service that aims to get the best potential return on your crypto investments. 

When used to manage investments, yield optimizers are often more effective than human operators. They are an on-chain asset management protocol that automatically compounds incentives via data analysis and optimization strategies to achieve the maximum feasible compound interest rate. 

Because traditional yield optimizers only offer auto compounding and do not provide users with the option to allocate a portion of gains to profit, users are forced to auto compound all yield. In essence, you cannot choose to take profit while setting the investment strategy for traditional Yield Optimizers.

Traditional Yield Optimizers try to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for a wide variety of users, a method that rarely works in reality. Bloomify solves the existing problems by providing a platform that is simple to use and has flexible options to fit an array of user portfolios.

The Differences Between Bloomify and Other Traditional Yield Optimizers 


Bloomify is an advanced yield optimizer compared to the traditional yield optimizer, as it allows users to choose from a wide variety of strategies. These strategies are:

Accumulators enable users to invest profits from stablecoin Liquidity Providers (LPs) to accumulate riskier assets with less exposure because fresh funds aren't required. 

Profit-takers are exactly what their name suggests: they automate the process of harvesting profits from risky assets and converting them into stablecoins, which then continue to multiply. 

Standard vaults are those that are used to reinvest the earnings back into the initial LP.

Farms provide the opportunity to manually stake one token or LP in exchange for another. The farm also automatically accumulates the second token or LP, but nothing happens further. 

The more experienced users have access to Advanced Strategies, which have at least one component of their system that requires manual setting after sufficient profit has accumulated.


Users can reduce their risk exposure while still investing in new projects when they use Bloomify because the platform encourages profit taking and diversification, providing some customization and flexibility.

Behind the scenes of Bloomify

In addition to their experience with cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, Bloomify's founders have decades of experience in technology, IT, telecom, and business. 

The tools that Bloomify offers are unique because they provide an alternative to the conventional yield optimizer, which limits the user's ability to stake, take profit, diversify and have the flexibility required to adapt to all market conditions. 

Even more, the profit generated from Bloomify staking options may be used as passive income, to recover the initial investment, or to further invest in other protocols. Also, with Bloomify there is no need to use multiple wallets for investing because a single wallet can hold an infinite number of strategies. 

In terms of tokenomics, Bloomify brings in two native tokens - $Charge and $Static, each serving a dedicated purpose that helps users scale their investments. 

First, there is $Charge, a platform token that can be held and staked to earn a portion of Performance Fees paid out in $Static. And, just as we mentioned it, $Static is the second native token, a reward token in which you may receive a portion of Performance Fees but can also be used to pay discounted Run Fees on Advanced Strategies.

By choosing to stake $Charge, users get the chance to take a share of the Performance Fee rewards and profit from their platform's growth. And as TVL increases, rewards increase back to $Charge stakers!

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