GeniuX on Uniswap: Way to Invest  in Tokenized Real-World Assets

GeniuX on Uniswap: Way to Invest  in Tokenized Real-World Assets

The twenty-first century folks have realized that entering the real estate, art, and even aviation markets do not need a substantial initial investment. They may, however, completely participate provided they invest their present resources in the appropriate platforms.

Genius Assets is an investment platform powered by Polygon. The key of the platform's core mission focuses on giving users access to its many exciting investment options. Further, Genius Assets Marketplace is the world's biggest marketplace to buy, sell and trade high-value assets in the digital realm.

Leveraging the Genius Assets platform,  users can invest in real estate. The platform deals with real-world assets and tokenization, enabling its customers to access various asset classes by diversifying their portfolios in a streamlined and expedited manner to generate passive income effortlessly.

Simplified Access to Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Genius Assets users in a new season in the housing market. The platform puts a user's financial resources to better use in purchasing real estate investments with small amounts. 

Additionally,  owing to the adoption of a smart contract, real estate may be acquired with no middlemen, notaries, bank transfers, etc. GeniuX is a pioneer in the tokenization of actual assets.

Interestingly, investing in real estate projects and NFTs may be done in the same place on Genius Assets, eliminating the need to open several accounts on various exchanges.

On the other hand, tokenization enables owners to bypass financial intermediaries who might underwrite their projects while raising capital. Consequently, by cutting out these middlemen, tokenization streamlines the real estate investment and financing processes for investors and Developers/owners. Because of this, investors can trade tokens with each other almost instantly for a small fee.

Hence, instead of depending on a few wealthy investors to fund a project, real estate developers may use the platform to attract many smaller investors through tokenization.

The team is composed of experts in a wide range of subjects, including management, marketing, and cryptocurrencies. Claudiu Buda is the founder and has built an immense community with more than 200.000 customers in 17 countries and sales of more than 75 million euros. Other key team members include Flavius Cocora, the CMO, Mădălin Mije, the Project Manager, and Raluca Ioana Vaceff, the Marketing Specialist.

As with other crypto enthusiasts, the team’s goal is to build a sustainable business model for the cryptocurrency industry.

The Geniux Token Is the Basis of the Whole Ecosystem

Particularly, the $IUX token issued by Genius Assets serves as the ecosystem's backbone, making it possible for anybody to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings.

The system's foundation is the Genius Assets token, a utility token worth a portion of the total investment. It may be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). In order to tokenize valuable assets in the real world, Genius Assets (a totally legal, doxxed team) uses the $IUX token.

Using tokenization, Genius Assets will allow ecosystem players to own digital shares in properties and other assets via fractional ownership and get a proportionate percentage of the revenue such assets create.

Genius Assets does this with the partnership of AVENTA, an Austrian company that has been publicly listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange for two years.  Users now profit from investments in tangible assets.

The $IUX token's advantages stem from the innovative business strategy, the platform's ease of use, the caliber of partners, and the expansive reach of the founder's personal network. The team primarily addresses tokenization/fragmentation, the most difficult aspect of crypto. 

$IUX Live On Uniswap

The listing will go live on Uniswap at 8 AM UTC on September 25, 2022. However, that's not all of it. Afterwards Uniswap and $IUX will introduce the Farming Program which enables customers to earn incentives. The exact launching date will be announced shortly.

Users will be able to earn UNI rewards passively by constructing a pair of $IUX/USDC and placing them on the Farming Program.

This token can be used to buy a wide variety of real-world assets, such as those associated with the housing market, professional sports, the arts, the transportation industry, and the building of new roads. 


Typically, a person would require tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to participate in a real estate project. However, a platform such as Genius Assets makes it possible to invest with less capital.

The main focus of Genius Assets is the creation of passive income for customers, which may be accomplished by facilitating the purchase of various investment assets. This is accomplished via the Genius Assets Marketplace, which is not restricted to real estate alone.

In addition to generating ripples around the globe, the project has also received tremendous attention in Russia, Asia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey.

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Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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