Backed by $4.6M in seed funding, Mailchain launches the first multi-wallet Web3 email platform

Backed by $4.6M in seed funding, Mailchain launches the first multi-wallet Web3 email platform

Mailchain, the new communication layer for Web3, launches the first secure, multi-wallet email solution on the heels of a $4.6 million funding round led by Crane Venture Partners and Kenetic Capital. Mailchain will implement the funding to onboard users, communities, and protocols to its encrypted, multi-wallet inbox. 

Web3 represents a huge leap forward in the evolution of the internet. But where core technologies like blockchains and smart contracts are well into maturity, Web3 communication is still in its infancy. Users cannot easily send and receive messages from their blockchain identities. Most communication happens through instant messaging, social media, and community servers. Keeping track of valuable, relevant information, such as NFT mints, DeFi positions, and DAO votes across these channels can become overwhelming, confusing, and pose a privacy risk.  

Mailchain makes secure and easy Web3 communication a reality. Designed to resemble and function like traditional email, users can create an end-to-end encrypted Mailchain account using any personal blockchain addresses for no charge or gas fees. The ability to connect multiple wallets to one inbox creates a private, central hub for Web3 activity. 

Mailchain users, whether creators, collectors, investors, or DAO members, will never miss the messages or context that matter. Projects integrating Mailchain can communicate directly with intended audiences, wallet-to-wallet, and ensure updates are not buried or lost across disparate channels. 

Leading the seed-round funding round for Mailchain’s public application and SDK launch are contributions from Crane Venture Partners and Kenetic Capital. Rounding out the funding with additional participants include Kestrel0x1, Acequia Capital, Eterna Blockchain Fund, Maex Ament (Centrifuge founder), Charles Songhurst (former head of corporate strategy at Microsoft), Sarah Drinkwater (community-first investor), and Nick Ducoff (Web3 educator).  

“Web3 is growing fast,” says Tim Boeckmann, CEO of Mailchain, “And we’re excited to solve the biggest problem that exists around communication today. People can now email natively. Artists can reach their collectors. DAOs can reach their members. DApp developers can reach their users. All creators, all communities, all of Web3—finally connected and communicating in context.”  

“What drew us to Mailchain was the team’s commitment to align the technology design and implementation with the ethos of Web3,” says Scott Sage, partner at Crane. “It’s an open, secure communication platform built to prioritize the privacy and security of the user. Mailchain is more than a product or platform—it’s the root node of a new, critical layer of Web3 infrastructure.” 

 About Mailchain 

Mailchain is the new communication layer for Web3. With one simple, elegant inbox, users can send and receive private messages using public blockchain addresses. Teams and individuals can receive notifications about their on-chain activity and communicate with any identity, on any protocol.  Projects, DAOs, exchanges and protocols integrating Mailchain can directly communicate with their users, wallet-to-wallet. For more information, please visit https://mailchain.com/ 

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