This Gold-Backed Token Offers Safe Haven For Investors

This Gold-Backed Token Offers Safe Haven For Investors

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Gold has been used as security or collateral for time immemorial. Today, the crypto market is gradually getting introduced to a new type of crypto token backed by gold. Coins that are supported by gold are known to be less volatile. In the past few months, Bitcoin has stumbled down by 13% and Ether by 20%.

But a couple of existing gold-backed coins have increased by 7% to 8%. Zambesi Gold is a new market entrant, but there is nothing new about it when it comes to mining gold. In the first three months of its launch, the ZGD token has increased by more than +- 500%. One of the top-performing gold-backed tokens is Tether Gold, with a per token price of $1745 (at the time of writing). Another one is Pax Gold cruising high at the token price of $1746.

An Ecosystem Engineered to Perform and Grow

The Zambesi Gold ecosystem is one of its kind. The entire operation is run by a mining company with veterans of 40 years handling the gold mining tasks. The mined real gold backs the crypto coin. The token infrastructure is set so that it is programmed to grow with time. 

The number of tokens in Zambesi Gold is fixed to prevent inflation, implying that the token price will increase irrespective of the token demand. Furthermore, it's a perfectly divisible token, and every transaction happens on the blockchain. So, Zambesi Gold is a perfect merger of actual gold mining operations and a cryptocurrency meant to bring a stable and progressive income to the beneficiaries. 

Zambesi Gold Pvt. Ltd. will buy gold mines with the people's investments. And the first one is already bought. For example, the Middelvlei Mine is a 50,000-ton-per-month gold mine. From the profits generated here, 75% will be re-invested to acquire new mines and manage the operations. In comparison, 25% will be sent to the vault. 

To further support the firm valuation and stability of the ZGD token, a minimum of 4 kilograms of gold will be extracted and stored in a vault of an A+ Custodian bank. The certificate of storage will be in the name of the trust but handled by independent professional trustees. These trustees will conduct regular audits and generate reports. 

So, it is evident that there is a complete system backing the transactions, storage, and distribution of the gold mined by the company. 

A Lucrative Staking System Meant for the Community

Zambesi Gold is backed by physical gold mined, processed, and stored by the Zambesi Gold Pvt. Ltd. company. In addition, the company offers its users a great support structure to sustain and gradually increase the total value of the investments made into the project. 

To further bring higher benefits to the community, Zambesi Gold provides access to a high-earning staking system. All the bullion is stored in the Gold Custodian Trust. No amount of gold will be withdrawn or encumbered from the vault, thereby protecting the community's investment and gaining their trust. 

The Zambesi Gold staking system is yet another reason to start investing. In only five months, the investors can enjoy 6% returns on the staked amount. In 12 months, the returns will be 12%, in 18 months, it will be 22%, and in 24 months, the returns will amount to 30% of the invested amount. 

Higher staking amounts will attract higher returns. But that's not all. When users withdraw or liquefy their assets, the redeemed tokens will be removed from circulation. This is similar to the buyback system, where the tokens are bought back from the community and burned to increase the total value of the balance tokens. 

The ZGD tokens received from the users withdrawing investments will be burned, stimulating an increase in the price of a single token. So, the Zambesi Gold community stands to gain from every aspect of their interaction with the platform. 

About Zambesi Gold

Zambesi Gold Pty Ltd. is a private mining company specializing in acquiring gold mines and extracting bullion. The company has mining veterans working on the extraction part, and another professional branch is managing the company's digital side. Zambesi Gold's cryptocurrency ZGD is backed by the mined physical gold, which is stored in a trusted custodian vault. The mechanism will bring regular and sustainable benefits to the community. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice

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