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Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND) whales sell and buy up Degrain (DGRN) presale tokens 

Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND) whales sell and buy up Degrain (DGRN) presale tokens 

As civilization goes deeper into the digital sphere, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have started dominating the investment sector. The world of cryptocurrencies is becoming more intriguing, especially with the introduction of NFTs. Now, members can own digital assets like real estate, artwork, and movies, which are excellent financial opportunities. NFTs had to be exchanged for digital currency to be bought in the market. Top crypto analysts are predicting Degrain to rise over 8,000% by the year end.

Decentraland (MANA) holders sell to buy into Degrain presale

Since that high in November, the Decentraland MANA coin has declined, trading at $1.00 from highs of around $5.40. In response to the Facebook revelation, Decentraland's (MANA) prices for its virtual land parcels skyrocketed. Due to its size and accessibility to the metaverse's hub, virtual land typically commands a higher price. The future, however, may see land prices influenced by surrounding enterprises.

Many firms think that a large portion of retail will someday occur within the metaverse. Brands like Adidas and Atari have purchased virtual land in blockchain-based metaverses.

Sandbox (SAND) could rise but not until the middle of 2023

After the price surged to $8.40 but then fell to $1.30, the Sandbox (SAND) project may also result in price recovery. The Sandbox also allows investors to participate at lower levels by selling land parcels. The SAND coin was listed on Coinbase, which has driven up prices. Two telecom juggernauts purchasing property in The Sandbox was another news item (SAND).

According to PCCW and HKT, the first virtual 5G mobile network in the virtual world will launch. They will be able to do so to distribute TV and music material for the Web 3 entertainment format.

Degrain (DGRN) tipped to rise over 8,000% before year end

A brand-new NFT protocol called Degrain (DGRN) will provide degrees of compatibility never before seen. 

Due to its direct interaction with other different blockchains, which provides it a substantial edge, investors find Degrain (DGRN) more alluring. Degrain (DGRN), following the spectacularly solid opening of its ongoing pre-ICO event, has already eased any concerns about its prospects for success. The project sold out all of its first phase allocations in less than two weeks, which was an abnormally quick pace for sales. Crypto experts predict that the market value of Degrain will increase by 8,000% percent by the end of the year.

Degrain (DGRN) plans to work with real businesses to fully use the possibilities of NFTs and distribute this income to token stakes. Many analysts have claimed that Degrain is more than just an NFT platform and represents the future of NFTs. The liquidity will be locked for ten years, team tokens locked for a year thus proving it to be a safe investment. You too can enter the presale about this year's most talked about crypto by joining with the link below.






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