Big Eyes Coin Could Hit $50M and Outperform Bitcoin and Dogecoin

Big Eyes Coin Could Hit $50M and Outperform Bitcoin and Dogecoin

In the cryptocurrency market, there are two modes of consensus that the majority of cryptocurrencies abide by. They are Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Newer cryptocurrencies often gravitate towards PoS because of its nominal fees, faster speeds, high security, and reduced environmental impact.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the pioneer of the crypto world. Its PoW consensus paved the way for thousands of cryptocurrencies to follow. Its popularity is unfathomable as its market capitalisation makes up almost half of the whole crypto market. However, its inception was thirteen years ago, and the crypto market has come a long way since. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) also utilises a PoW consensus algorithm notorious for low transaction speed and high carbon emissions. The loveable Doge meme inspired Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer to construct the first meme coin in existence. As you know, Dogecoin grew far beyond their expectations and became somewhat of a pioneer in the meme coin market.

So, how does this affect Big Eyes Coin (BIG), and how can it outperform the pioneers of the crypto and meme coin market? Big Eyes Coin is built on Ethereum (ETH). Although Ethereum is currently a PoW platform, it is gearing up for a switch to PoS. It is the most anticipated event the crypto market has seen this year. 

Big Eyes Coin could potentially hit $50 million, catapulting it up the crypto market. Its dedication to one of the most crucial parts of our environment, the oceans, has garnered attention from crypto enthusiasts. Environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies are the way forward in today’s world.

Big Eyes (BIG) Launch Is Just Around The Corner!

Big Eyes Coin has constructed an ecosystem that benefits the user heavily. 90% of the tokens will be available at launch to give control of the platform to the community. A step-by-step guide will later show you how to buy BIG in the article. The remaining 10% of the tokens will be split equally between a charity and a marketing wallet.

Staying relevant in the crypto space is essential for success. That is why Big Eyes Coin has a marketing wallet that can help it stay in touch with the latest trends. When you examine the Big Eyes Coin mascot, you will see that it has an Anime design. Anime is becoming an increasingly popular genre of comic books and cartoons.

Currently, 40-60% of the world’s population watches or reads Anime, so it is no surprise that Big Eyes Coin is catering to this market. Big Eyes Coin has plans to create comic books, as seen on its Instagram page, and merchandise with the Big Eyes mascot. It could potentially see a new wave of users gravitate towards the Big Eyes Coin platform. 

These new users can immerse themselves in the Big Eyes Coin NFT events held each season. Big Eyes Coin aims to have an NFT collection in the top ten projects, which will make the NFTs owned by users valuable. Those holding NFTs will have access to a plethora of events, including the exclusive Big Eyes Sushi Crew, as seen in the picture below. 

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