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Uniglo (GLO) KYC Influences Investors To Contribute To Their Presale Following The Steps Of Cardano (ADA) & Fantom (FTM)

Uniglo (GLO) KYC Influences Investors To Contribute To Their Presale Following The Steps Of Cardano (ADA) & Fantom (FTM)

Picking up a cryptocurrency while it's still in pre-sale can be a massive deal. You get the chance to invest in a project while it's still in very early stages, hopefully before it goes on to stratospheric gains. While some crypto projects don't always rise that much at this time, there's one that's been performing extremely well, and analysts think is setting itself up for a huge future: Uniglo.

Just imagine if you had the chance to invest in the likes of ETH, BTC, SHIB or DOGE while they were still in pre-sale. You could be lining up your next Lambo purchase by now. Well with GLO, you get the opportunity to get involved with a cryptocurrency from the ground up, hopefully all the way up to the top. Experts think it could have the potential to rival the likes of Cardano (ADA) or Fantom (FTM) as one of the main players in the altcoin market. Why is GLO getting such high praise? Let's have a look...

Uniglo's recent KYC certification helps increase pre-sale following

Alongside a huge raft of high-end technology and unique answers to problems in the currency world, Uniglo (GLO) recently completed full KYC certification. Security is important in the crypto world, so this now gives investors even more peace of mind that their money is in a secure place. And alongside next-level security features, some of the real security in GLO is because of its price security. Fully backed by a range of assets stored in GLO's vault, the system offers a true gold standard in the financial world.

Assets are completely diversified and not reliant on the performance of BTC or any single product. Some of these stored assets even include real world gold. This provides a strong and stable backing, and a secure store of value that fiat currencies lost when they scrapped the gold standard.

Glo will continue to become more scarce over time, thanks to incredible dual-burn mechanics. This reduces supply and makes the potential for solid growth for GLO very strong. It's also a currency people can actually use and have faith isn't going to pump or dump. That's why analysts love GLO right now.

What about Cardano and Fantom?

Cardano and Fantom are both two of the more established altcoins, but GLO has the potential to reach and surpass them. Both Fantom and Cardano offer a range of passive earning potential and a number of solutions for both holders and blockchain developers. They're key parts of the crypto space, and some argue now is the time to increase your investments in them as they're arguably available at a discount.


GLO is gaining more momentum in pre-sale, especially thanks to KYC certification. It solves key issues in the financial world, and could go on to rival Cardano and Fantom in the altcoin charts.

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