How WinnerBlock’s Beta Application Unites Blockchain Technology with Online Gaming

How WinnerBlock’s Beta Application Unites Blockchain Technology with Online Gaming

Winner Block, situated in London, England, is a CertiK-audited blockchain-powered online gaming company with an imminent token launch that will serve numerous functions within its expanding ecosystem.

Exploring WinnerBlock’s Beta Application

Overall, the application’s interface is straightforward and vibrant. As soon as you enter the app, you will see the Gold Jackpot with the timer tracking the days, hours and seconds until the next draw. Although WinnerBlock intends to provide three tiers of prizes - Bronze, Silver, and Gold - currently, only the Gold Jackpot is accessible.

Since this is a test environment, players may experience it without any risks and use “test tokens.” Thus, it is possible to try the program without undergoing any anxiety, only enjoying the game experience.

Enter the Daily Free draw

One unique feature introduced is the daily free draw, as you only need to pay the gas fee, and the rest of the draw is free! Each day, the game of the day is a spin on the wheel of fate.

On the wheel, we may notice five options:

Win 10,000 WBlock
Win 100,000 WBlock tokens
Win 1,000,000 WBlock tokens
Play Again;
Loss - Maybe Next Time

As we can observe, these options are quite generous. In addition, if you don’t have the luck to win anything, you might try again and again every 24 hours!

Try to win with WCards

With WinnerBlock, possibilities are endless, as users may create their own WCards minted in the Gold Draw. All you have to do is to pick your fortunate numbers from 0 to 49, like with any conventional lottery. Upon purchase and gas price payment, the Card is activated in MetaMask, and the WCard NFT is produced.

Through bold, colourful, and realistic graphics, WinnerBlock’s application combines gaming with the unique experience of chance games.For example, each time the numbers are drawn in the Gold Draw, you will not just see the proper four numbers in a static, black-on-white list. In contrast to other current initiatives, the creators tried to make this experience as realistic as possible so that even the drafting process would demonstrate how the balls are shown in a jackpot ball.

Don’t miss out on the last chance to acquire WBlock tokens and groundbreaking prices!

Marking the commencement of this breakthrough initiative, the WinnerBlock presale event commenced on 20 April 2022. For 80 days, early adopters had the chance to gain access to 30 billion WBlock tokens at an attractive price. Now, only 5 days are left to take advantage of this opportunity!

After all, WinnerBlock’s goal is to create a fair and transparent game system that benefits everyone! This new blockchain-based gaming concept is entirely transparent, accessible, and safe.


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