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Can Mehracki Token (MKI) Revive the Bull Market Like Dogecoin (DOGE) Did?

Can Mehracki Token (MKI) Revive the Bull Market Like Dogecoin (DOGE) Did?

The cryptocurrency market is not very healthy for buyers and traders as volatility is at its peak, and no one is sure about the market's direction. The only certain thing, for now, is we are in a bear market rally as the whole market has been on a downtrend if you zoom out on the price charts since everything peaked in November 2021. 

It's not a great time for new projects to launch only for a few exceptions that can exhibit strength despite the market condition or those fitting the market narrative.

Happenings and narratives drive the cryptocurrency market. For example, the Luna crypto crash would go down as one of the most devastating events in cryptocurrency, and after it took place, it was clear there were still some downsides for the market. The market usually needs a saviour, which is usually in the form of a project with a good run, enough to restore confidence in the market. 

The last bull run was kickstarted by Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and some other meme coins. The market narrative seems like one that a meme coin could save, and Mehracki Token, a new cryptocurrency project with meme potential, is showing strength. The token is pushing a narrative of "feeling meh," which looks like a fit for the current market situation.

Despite the Luna crypto crash and several other centralised platforms collapsing, we could have a saviour in MKI.

Mehracki Token (MKI)

The Mehracki Token (MKI) is a new cryptocurrency to reflect on how most crypto users feel, described as "feeling meh." This narrative is so good that it fits every situation and looks like the perfect market condition to have something like this. 

As described by the project, MKI is a community-driven feel-good meme token built on Solana that was created to alleviate user anxiety by generating wealth for token holders and championing feel-good moments and activities for people all over the world.

Meraki (pronounced may-rah-kee) is an adjective that refers to putting one's soul, creativity and love into whatever one does.


Mehracki's real-world applications will revolve around cheap, fast, and borderless transactions, primarily focusing on feel-good industries like hospitality and tourism. We believe that providing services solely to the sectors above will promote communism, understanding and belief convergence. 

Users can make transactions with MKI tokens right away, run customer loyalty tokens, avoid costly intermediaries, gain firsthand access to consumer behaviour data for improved services, set up a referral and feedback system and other similar activities.

Beyond the internet memes, Mehracki Token (MKI) will power feel-good NFTs, DAO and DeFi platforms, including staking and yield farming, a market, and a real-life tourism and hospitality business.  

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a first-generation cryptocurrency that can be used to transfer value around the world securely. Dogecoin famously features the Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed from popular internet memes. 

The developer's desire to keep the project lighthearted prompted the use of this character. The primary goal of this coin, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, is to enable censorship-resistant peer-to-peer transactions. Like every first-generation cryptocurrency, DOGE was only concerned with basic functionalities supporting peer-to-peer transactions and a secure network. 

As the blockchain developer later explained, the network was created without much thought and was a meme to the market situation at the time. The growth Dogecoin eventually amassed was not anticipated


Dogecoin grew massively in 2021 and was further fueled by rumours that Elon Musk, a strong supporter of the cryptocurrency, plans to incorporate the token into his corporate expansion plans that would involve Tesla. Today, Dogecoin is accepted by a few companies, and it is the largest meme coin in the cryptocurrency market with about an $8 billion market cap as of June 20, 2022. The token peaked at an $88 billion market cap and sent the whole market into a bull run.

Mehracki Token (MKI) is a new cryptocurrency creating a template of such and is looking good enough to take everyone out of the bear market rally. You can join the presale here.




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