Blockchain gaming startup Spielworks reveals date of its $WOMBAT public token sale

Blockchain gaming startup Spielworks reveals date of its $WOMBAT public token sale

The decentralized gaming industry is destined for continued growth as it expands to include AAA titles and enters mainstream platforms, such as Epic Games. Blockchain gaming’s rise could mark the next frontier for the traditional gaming industry.

Spielworks, a leading blockchain startup specializing in gaming and DeFi, shows why that likely will be the case. The Berlin-based startup has developed a fast-growing blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, featuring a total of 2.6 million registrations and 65,000 daily users. The ecosystem incorporates its multi-chain non-custodial Wombat Wallet, crypto rewards platform Womplay featuring 40 AA and AAA supported titles, and a Top 20 NFT staking game Wombat Dungeon Master counting 700,000 staked NFTs.

Spielworks recently announced the upcoming public sale of its $WOMBAT token. Slated for July 27, the event will see the company offer 300 million $WOMBAT, or three percent of the token’s hard-capped maximum supply of 10 billion, to gamers and investors looking to join its blockchain gaming ecosystem.

The $WOMBAT utility and governance token, unveiled earlier this year, will hold a wide array of use cases within the ecosystem, enabling users to purchase a variety of assets and services. In the upcoming public sale, the company will offer the token to gamers and investors at 0.006 USD per one $WOMBAT, with a cap of $2,000 worth of $WOMBAT per user/wallet. To take part in the public sale, the prospective investors must undergo a KYC before joining the whitelist. The vesting period for the public sale is three months.

Spielworks CEO Adrian Krion commented: “We are thrilled to invite gamers and retail investors to join our fast-growing ecosystem. For most crypto projects, the IDO is a way to fundraise for building whatever they plan to build, it is a seed or even a pre-seed round, in traditional terms. We have already built our portfolio of products and services, everything is up and running. Our next goal is to hyperscale our growth, and that is what the public sale is meant to deliver. We are excited to see the community interest ahead of the event and look forward to bringing our platform to the next level together with blockchain gaming enthusiasts.”  

The token is initially released on the Ethereum blockchain, and transferrable to other supported networks via cross-chain bridges. The public token sale, however, will take place on the Polygon POS blockchain. In addition to the public token sale, gamers will be able to earn the token through community rewards for various actions within the ecosystem. While a total of 30 percent of $WOMBAT’s maximum supply has been allocated to community rewards, their size will gradually decrease over time.

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