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Binance Token (BNB) Investors Are Purchasing Gnox (GNOX) Presale With (BUSD) On Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Binance Token (BNB) Investors Are Purchasing Gnox (GNOX) Presale With (BUSD) On Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Binance investors are one of the most powerful and wealthy groups of crypto holders, and they play a major role in influencing the price. Recently, the attention of Binance investors has been drawn to Gnox, an emerging DeFi project with huge potential. Why do BNB investors invest in Gnox and what gives them the confidence to add the token to their portfolio?

Largest market players: BNB Whales

BNB investors are among the biggest market participants right now and have a big influence on market trends.

Over the past few months, the proportion of Binance Coin investors holding 100,000 or more BNB has increased by 84.6 percent. It is obvious why BNB investors' choice merits consideration.

According to data from WhaleStats, Gnox has been on the list of coins that BNB investors have been purchasing.

BNB investors have consistently placed their faith in DOGE. Their holdings consist of 28.82% of the meme cryptocurrency. Although DOGE has a lot of potential, it is a relatively old project, and in an effort to drive up the price of Gnox, BNB investors are spending a lot of time discussing it.

What is the idea behind Gnox (GNOX)?

Gnox is a ground-breaking reflection token that operates on top of BSC and offers yield farming as a service. It aims to offer investors a streamlined DeFi platform to make it simple for their holders to generate passive income.

To make the rewarding system function, Gnox levies a 10% royalty fee on each sale of their tokens. A sizable portion of tax revenue supports the treasury and ensures its expansion, and a portion is distributed to investors as a perk.

The project's main objective is to make it simple for new investors to work with DeFi and generate passive returns. One percent of the total amount of each Gnox payment is distributed among their holders hourly.

With a final release scheduled for mid-August, Gnox is currently in the pre-sale stage. Even as the bear market persists, the cost of this ground-breaking project has increased by 63 percent. The outstanding performance gave BNB whales the assurance they needed to increase their holdings of Gnox

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