Unizen Lands $200M Funding Commitment From Global Emerging Markets

Unizen Lands $200M Funding Commitment From Global Emerging Markets

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Unizen has secured a $200 million funding commitment from Global Emerging Markets that it said will be used to accelerate the adoption of its centralized-decentralized exchange services, expand its teams and boost innovation. 

Unizen is one of the biggest players in the emerging CeDeFi space, which marries aspects of traditional, centralized finance with those of decentralized financial services, bringing modern regulatory control to DeFi. 

The big promise of CeDeFi is it will lead to the creation of new decentralized exchanges, liquidity aggregators and credit protocols that come with the benefits of stricter regulation and lower transaction costs. Through this, CeDeFi hopes to encourage traditional players in the financial services world to embrace the world of smart contracts and decentralization, so as to improve access to their capital. Further, it will lead to greater enterprise adoption of cryptocurrencies, proponents say. 

Unizen is a big advocate of CeDeFi with its emerging Unizen Exchange platform, which merges CEX and DEX functionality to meet the needs of institutional investors. With Unizen’s platform, traders can find the most cost-effective trades across both CEXs such as Binance and DEXs such as PancakeSwap, benefiting from lower fees and high performance within a secure environment that’s necessary for higher-volume transactions. 

These are the reasons why Global Emerging Markets has decided to place its bets on Unizen with a unique funding initiative that’s based on performance-related milestones. According to GEM, the $200 million investment will be unlocked gradually, based on mutually agreed milestones and performance metrics. In this way, GEM said, the funds will be optimized to the fullest. 

GEM has used a similar funding model in support of KaJ Labs. In May, it committed to investing $400 million to support the long-term development of Lithosphere, a next-generation blockchain platform for cross-chain decentralized applications powered by AI & Deep Learning.

Unizen Chief Executive Sean Noga described GEM as a “potent and strategically-aligned growth partner that can support the rapid expansion of the Unizen platform, brand and community.”

The funding will not only help Unizen build out its CeDeFi exchange, but also support the new ZenX Labs incubator that aims to grow promising decentralized applications building within its ecosystem. Further, it will support new initiatives that aim to provide rewards to holders of Unizen’s native token ZCX via Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking, which is a process through which incubated projects can reward backers once they achieve widespread adoption. 


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