Space Coin Project is Bringing Space Tourism to the Masses through a Decentralized System on Ethereum

Space Coin Project is Bringing Space Tourism to the Masses through a Decentralized System on Ethereum

Space exploration sates our curiosity. Humans can authoritatively begin to answer fundamental questions about their origins by traveling to space. What's more? People will have a better understanding of the solar system. However, the inspiration to push the limits of space exploration comes about with the thought of humans becoming an interplanetary species. 

Humanity's Quest to be an Interplanetary Species

In the past four decades, the cost of space travel and rocket launching has been significantly slashed. This could be due to technological advances and a re-design of rocket launching. Innovations such as reusable rockets and the creation of more thermal resistant materials coupled with discoveries in space and physics have all contributed. 

Combined, these help cement enthusiasts' beliefs that they will soon be pioneers and open up space tourism, an industry projected to be worth $3 billion by 2030. However, significant cost limitations prevent ordinary folks from booking the next spaceship and zooming beyond the atmosphere. This is because a single ticket is upwards of $450k. It is a bank breaker and walls out a majority of interested enthusiasts.

The Space Coin Project brings Space Travel to the Masses

However, this is what the Space Coin Project aims to resolve. By tapping on the ideals advocated by blockchain, they are creating a decentralized gamified and secure system allowing ordinary space enthusiasts from across the globe to afford a seat on a spaceship and take their dream trip to space. 

The project leverages the power of the community, aware that the task ahead is monumental and cost-intensive. Unlike what individual companies like SpaceX or Orbital Reef are doing with their Human Space Flight and Blue Origin, respectively, the Space Coin Project will build a concierge service for their clients to fairly purchase a ticket and travel to outer space. 

The Role of the SPJ Token

Companies offering thrilling adventures in space will increase as space tourism takes root. However, related costs and service packages will vary dramatically. To ensure that acquiring tickets is easy, the Space Coin Project has launched its native token, SPJ, on Ethereum. 

The global nature means that token holders can easily convert them for more liquid assets like USDC or ETH for purchasing tickets. 

As they buy tickets, they can compare services between service providers and search for the best offers while also receiving superior services as part of the deal. All these experiences will be delivered in the language best understood by the requesting client.

The SpaceDAO

Space Coin Project has indicated that the SPJ token will be fairly launched on SushiSwap, a decentralized exchange in Ethereum. 

Notably, SPJ will be the base of SpaceDAO, primarily made up of space enthusiasts drawn from all over the globe and brought together on the Ethereum-based dApp. SPJ holders will also have a right to vote on critical initiatives, and be a key part of the future of Space Coin Project.

SpaceDAO will also play a critical role in ticket acquisition and help forge strong relationships with space travel companies. According to Space Coin Project creators, because they lean toward community and decentralization, the SpaceDAO will be community-led. 

SpaceDAO will be tasked with burning SPJ tokens swapped for ETH or USDC for purchasing spaceship tickets. The Space Coin Project has revealed that there will be a commemorative NFT that gives them access to a private Discord group of space travelers for every ticket purchase. 

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