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Outstanding Presale Performance By Gnox (GNOX) Increases Its Price By 63%. What Does That Mean For DeFi Tokens Such As Fantom (FTM) And Ethereum (ETH)

Outstanding Presale Performance By Gnox (GNOX) Increases Its Price By 63%. What Does That Mean For DeFi Tokens Such As Fantom (FTM) And Ethereum (ETH)

The story of GNOX Token reminds me of a 1970’s film called “Bad News Bears.” It’s about a dysfunctional little league team called the Bears. Each time the coach tells the team who they’re playing in the next game, he asks, “What does that mean for the [team name]?” And the kids all shout, “It means BAD NEWS for the [team name]!” Over the course, of the movie, the team goes from underdogs to champs. 

In this analogy, Gnox Token is the Bears and the bearers of bad news for leading DeFi platforms such as Fantom (FTM) and Ethereum (ETH). Why? Because GNOX has a strategy that could take it from underdog to champ over this next crypto cycle. 

What is GNOX?

What makes GNOX so special that it could take away market share from these leading DeFi platforms? The answer is simplicity. Like Apple computers, “it just works.”

Most new DeFi investors are confounded by the complexity of blockchains, crypto wallets, and DeFi protocols, and are inundated with the sheer volume of passive income opportunities that need to be vetted. Gnox has found a way to make DeFi investing as easy to field as a grounder first.

Once they buy the token, all GNOX holders have to do to earn passive income is… well, nothing really. By just buying and holding the token, you can invest in a diversified portfolio of passive income-generating opportunities across an array of DeFi platforms and blockchains.

By contrast, it would take an article much longer than this one to explain how to earn passive income from Ethereum or Fantom. And then, once you figure it all out, you’d have to take more time to manage those investments. 

With Gnox, once you’ve purchased the token, you can just get on with your life and enjoy ongoing passive income.

GNOX token presale incentives

Will GNOX knock out crypto investing activities such as staking Ethereum and Fantom? We’re about to find out. The Gnox platform launches in mid-August. In the meantime, the platform offers some amazing benefits to those who take part in the presale of the token. 

First, monthly burns ensure that the earlier one gets on board, the more their token is worth by the launch date. So far the earliest buyers have already seen a 63% gain in the value of their stack with more yet to come. 

Second, any unsold tokens leftover after the presale are also burned, significantly increasing the price of the token by the time it hits the open market in mid-August. No additional tokens will be minted, ever. The entire supply will be vested, assuring a fair launch.

But what if a lot of presale investors unload their tokens and take profits right after launch? It’s unlikely because GNOX tokenomics are specially designed to discourage token flipping and greatly reward long-term holders. And even if they do, a big chunk of their profits will go back to GNOX holders. 

A 10% royalty on aftermarket sales of GNOX goes into a common fund. This working capital is put to work to earn passive income for holders by investing it in DeFi opportunities such as lending and staking platforms and liquidity pools.  

This summer we’re about to find out which cryptocurrencies have a better value proposition. Will people continue to spend their valuable time dealing with complicated DeFi protocols on Ethereum and Fantom? Or will they prefer GNOX, a one-stop shop for passive income? Stay tuned to find out.

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