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Minosis List’s On Coinsbit!

Minosis List’s On Coinsbit!

30th June 2022, Cheyenne WY, United States of America: The cryptocurrency mining startup Minosis is being listed on the award-winning cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit on 30th June. This listing on Coinsbit will help Minosis to add more utility to its native token $MNS that is built on Binance Smart Chain Network. 

Minosis is a crypto mining startup that provides its users the ability to join mining pools and receive incentives along with mining software and hardware. It is a public-traded company that aims to create more utility for the users and bring more innovation to the crypto mining industry. 

The native token Minosis, $MNS, is developed on the Binance Smart Chain network and serves as a deflationary hedge for the company’s stock. The token also enables several incentive mechanisms, such as buybacks using blockchain technology to create more lucrative mining opportunities for the users. 

The Stock Buyback features of $MNS enable Marketing Worldwide for the stockholders and community members, along with burns and reflections. Minosis aims to provide fast and reliable mining solutions to its users using advanced hash power mechanisms and algorithms, which also ensures the highest profitability for the users. 

This listing on Coinsbit is a step forward in that direction and will be proved instrumental in the development of the project. The listing is announced for this week on 30th June. 

About Coinsbit

Coinsbit is the largest cryptocurrency exchange that ensures the reliability and security of the user assets. The project ensures security by continuously working and developing security measures for the platform and deploying several firewalls, security systems, and other mechanisms. Moreover, Coinsbit also stores assets in cold wallets to ensure complete protection. 

Coinsbit has developed an expansive ecosystem that offers multiple services such as an OTC platform, store, staking pool, codes, Coinsbit token, etc. To learn more about Coinsbit, visit

About Minosis

Minosis is a cryptocurrency mining startup that provides its customers with an opportunity to join the mining pools, receive incentives, and acquire mining software and hardware. Minosis is a publicly-traded company, and the founders of the project aim to build a new platform where the community can grow, and the shareholders are valued. 

The project offers a faster mining solution using its advanced hash power mechanism and associated algorithms that aid in yielding the highest profitability. 

To learn more about Minosis, visit: 

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