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K4Rally Launches its Open Beta

K4Rally Launches its Open Beta

13 June, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The first cross-blockchain rally game K4 Rally has launched its open beta after successfully closing its closed beta. K4 Rally is a racing game that unites the blockchain and motorsport community. In the closed beta, K4 Rally participants could earn K4R tokens, and more benefits will be added to the open beta program. 

Participating in the open beta game allows players to get a free NFT racing car, and they will get a chance to level up the car in the game. When paired with the expertise of motorsport experts, real racing drivers, and professional game developers, these rewards make the experience more exciting for the players. The CEO of K4Rally, Frank Holz, is an ex-Atari and a motorsport enthusiast. 

Apart from the CEO, all the team members have expertise in the gaming/blockchain industry, making their contribution invaluable. In addition, K4 Rally has also partnered with various rally drivers such as Johannes Keferböck and Ilka Minor. Apart from these two, K4 Rally is adding more real drivers to its ecosystem, whose details will be unveiled soon. 

K4 Rally aims to become the top Play-to-Earn and NFT racing game in the market with unparalleled quality, rewarding and exciting gameplay, a dedicated racing community, attractive tournaments, user-generated content, and a great game ecosystem.

This open beta program will help bring K4 Rally closer to achieving its vision and preparing for the subsequent development stages.

The first NFT airdrop campaign also just started, giving rally fans the chance to get free NFT race cars.

About K4 Rally

K4 Rally is the first blockchain-based Rally game that offers balanced, fun gameplay, Play2Earn game mechanics, and NFT gaming. Users can acquire, drive, buy, sell, and upgrade their rally cars, drivers, and in-game assets while participating in tournaments to win the K4R Tokens. K4R is the native game currency that powers the K4 Rally ecosystem and helps players purchase game assets, pay for actions in the game, get racing rewards, claim rewards and participate in the board of drivers and staking.

Community members can also participate in the community seed round through the K4R token. This ensures they can join within the K4Rally ecosystem, buy NFTs, and be part of daily and weekly tournaments.

To learn more about K4 Rally, visit:

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