EarthFund Launches Allowing ‘Anyone’ To Set Up A DAO To Fund World-Changing Causes

EarthFund Launches Allowing ‘Anyone’ To Set Up A DAO To Fund World-Changing Causes

The decentralized fundraising platform will allow anyone to set up their own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to fund humanitarian and environmental causes they love, making a real and meaningful impact. 

EarthFund, as the name suggests, is a platform aiming to allow anyone across the world to set up funding DAOs for causes they care about. Launching today, EarthFund provides users with a simple-to-use and intuitive UI helping users set up their funding DAOs, attract funds, and offer token holders/donors a say in how the funds are spent and the incentives needed to make the dream work. 

“With a simple UI and a full-stack ecosystem approach, founders, donors and users can make their voices heard in the real world,” the EarthFund website reads. 

Over the past two years, the blockchain community has welcomed the concept of DAOs, with projects such as ConstittutionDAO and UkraineDAO gaining attention from the global community. While the concept of using DAOs to solve real-world problems showcased the power of incentives and crypto to do good, many of these DAOs were ultimately not that impactful. 

“We think crypto has an unparalleled opportunity to be a massive force for good, but it hasn’t been fully adopted yet mainly because of usability,” said Adam Boalt, Co-Founder of EarthFund. 

The major issue arises from the complexity of anyone setting up their own DAO, as this was strictly reserved for experienced smart contract developers and Solidity coders. Regular companies and individuals were unable to set up the infrastructure required for a funding DAO, which limited the potential impact of the technology.

EarthFund makes it possible for anyone without Solidity knowledge to easily set up their funding DAO (like Change.org) in minutes. The EarthFund toolkit is made for everyone in the donation chain, from founders, users, and donors. Founders are able to use the intuitive, plug-and-play platform that allows them to launch an ERC-20 token and DAO with gasless governance. Users are given a voice, through decentralized voting, to give their thoughts on how to actualize the goals put forward. Finally, EarthFund offers donors a place to donate crypto to people dedicated to vetting projects and making sure the money makes as large of an impact as possible.

“So far, crypto native folks have spent their energy on often frivolous causes, such as trying to buy a piece of paper or a virtual monkey profile picture, but with EarthFund, we’re focused on making crypto accessible so everyone can harness its potential and help truly world-changing causes to get the funding they deserve,” Boalt added.

The launch of EarthFund will include pilot initiatives by philanthropist Deepak Chopra, who will focus on raising funds for mental health projects around the world, and Dr. Lucy Tweed, who will launch the Carbon Removal cause to support community-led carbon removal projects. As crypto moves from the short-term profit-seeking industry to a technology focusing on bettering the future of everyone, Chopra believes initiatives such as EarthFund set the way for future DAOs. 

“That’s why we partnered with EarthFund to launch our NeverAlone token and democratize and decentralize the way that projects focused on tackling the mental health crisis get the funding they need to make a difference,” commented Chopra. “By launching causes like ours, the EarthFund platform won’t just change the crypto space, but make the whole world a better, happier place.”

In conclusion, EarthFund aims to solve the key issues affecting the donation processes in crypto, from transparency, accountability, and trust. Today, many donors have been disillusioned from supporting charities as most of the funds end up in administrative coffers instead of actually supporting those in need. The decentralized governance model, as well as the transparency of the blockchain ecosystem, will make a dramatic impact on charities, making them more efficient and trustworthy as every cent can be tracked on the blockchain. 

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