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Crypto Valley is on Pre-Sale

Crypto Valley is on Pre-Sale

20 June, 2022, Singapore: Metaverser, a virtual world, has announced the pre-sale of Crypto Valley, the Pinnacle of Metaverser. Metaverser is the first multiplayer open-world blockchain game where users can play with a 3D character based on their features. Various play-to-earn models power the project and expertly mix the finance and gaming world. 

Crypto Valley is a virtual space in the Metaverser where the users can purchase a piece of land to get a customized building designed by Metaverser’s architects. Metaverser is launching Crypto Valley on Metaverser with a major influencer event, bringing the top of the crypto industry into the world of Metaverser.

There are various exciting features in the Crypto Valley, such as the users can get their office in The Valley now during the pre-sale, before the event, and be exposed to the audience of the influencers who will join on the Influencer day. In addition, Metaverser will also enable utility for NFTs the projects would like to bring into Metaverser. This can help the users increase the value of their NFT collection by incorporating them with the Metaverser. 

The Crypto Valley Campaign will redefine the world of digital representation as the project is bringing companies into the Metaverser with their own offices and shops. In addition, the project will enable Collaboration between the companies inside the crypto valley to expand the utility of the Metaverser. 

In total, there will be 24 buildings, of which three are in the center of Crypto Valley and are the biggest at three stories tall. In addition, Metaverser will give away three two-story buildings. Apart from this, there are 18 one-story buildings in Crypto Valley with three different versions. Users who purchase the building can organize events at Live Concert Hall, Fashion Centre, Art Gallery, and Nightclub in the Metaverser. 

This pre-sale is an excellent chance to be the first of the few to get their hands on land in Crypto Valley and enjoy its several benefits. 


About Metaverser

Metaverser is a virtual world that enables users to have fun while playing inside its metaverse and earn income from different play-to-earn games. Metaverser is developed on most modern standards to utilize NFTs and the platform’s native fungible tokens. Players at Metaverser can compete, challenge, and socialize with people from all over the world. The driving force behind Metaverser is its aim to make the virtual worlds more real by offering a place for every individual despite their attributes or ethnicities, to come together and have fun. 

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