Best p2e Games that are supposed to go live in summertime 

Best p2e Games that are supposed to go live in summertime 

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Summer is almost upon us, which means it is an excellent time to look into games you can play on the go. Play-to-earn titles will be of great value this year, as they provide entertainment and revenue. More importantly, you can access them from your mobile device, so extra hardware is not needed. 

Keep An Eye On P2E Titles

Things are about to heat up with the sun on one's face and the temperature rising. That applies as much to one's body as the play-to-earn gaming sector, as several appealing titles are in the pipeline for a release this summer. Enthusiasts will have many options to choose from as they explore the next generation of gaming and virtual worlds. 

Blast Royale (First Light Games)

Founded in March 2019, First Light Games is putting the final bits together to unleash Blast Royale on the world by Summer 2022. The web3 games studio wants to build up revenue for the in-game treasuries, giving players and the company a share when the treasury is staked. Blast Royale secured $5 million in funding and will provide fun to earn and free-to-play battle royale Web3 experience to players globally.

The Blast Royale environment will feature scholarships, NFTs, token staking, equipment scraping, repair and rusting, and leagues and leaderboards. A new unique game mode will be introduced later in 2022, with cooperative play, spectating and an eSports push to follow in early 2023. First Light Games wants to offer a compelling experience where free-to-play entertainment comes with appeasing rewards for gamers and crypto speculators alike. 

With a strong focus on shooter elements and bespoke Battle Royale and Deathmatch mode,s Blast Royale has the elements to be a major mobile game hit this summer.


The MixMob metaverse will offer players a combination of music, art, fashion, and movies into a not-before-seen cultural remix. Artificial intelligence has taken over and deleted human culture, yet brave resistance fights try to recover it. Players can engage in various content types, including card strategy battles and an MMO universe. Players control an avatar and collect MixBots and NFTs as they progress.

The initial stages of MixMob revolve around a card strategy battle racing game and slowly keep adding elements to unlock the full MMO experience. Moreover, MixMob character NFTs are mutable to reward progression, enabling players to compete for metadata through creativity, style, skill, and reflex. The result is a play-to-earn environment where user-generated content takes center stage and ushers in new rewards. 


The MixMob team raised $7 million dollars and sold out its 5,000 NFT drop ahead of the initial game release in October, 2022. That release will include the NFT marketplace, battle racing, land plots, breeding, tournaments, and token staking. The whole MMO universe and experience will come in Q1 2024. Moreover, the closed alpha was released in April 2022, just 3.5 months after starting development.

Game of Silks (Silks)

Bringing thoroughbred horse racing into the Metaverse is an exciting concept. Although there are play-to-earn horse-racing games on the market, they do not have ties to a real-world thoroughbred horse breeding facility. Game of Silks, or Silks, is the first to bridge that gap and digitally clone and tokenize horses born and registered as a thoroughbred. These tokenized versions are sold as NFTs and track real-time performance, breeding, and training. NFT holders earn valuable tokens they can use across the Silks metaverse. 

The real-world thoroughbred horses and born and raised at Tropical Racing, a public company operating a 200-acre horse farm. Moreover, users who become part of Game of Silks use a Silks Avatar, a 3D NFT representing their identity in the metaverse. The avatar presale was well-received, and the public sale notes strong momentum. The team intends to organize a sale for Land and Stables in Q3 ahead of the launch of staking, syndication, and mining features in late 2022. 

Cookin' Burger (DEA)

Play-to-earn experiences will come in many different shapes and sizes in the summer of 2022. Cookin' Burger, developed by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte, Ltd. (DEA) will come to mobile devices near you on June 30, 2022. It is the latest blockchain game in the PlayMining metaverse and provides fun, surprises, and engaging gameplay content with play-to-earn mechanics.

In Cookin' Burger, players will engage in multi-tasking cooking, including taking orders, serving foo accurately and speedily, and boosting the shop's reputation. Additionally, players can own shops by purchasing shop NFTs, which come in various grades. As one's shop's reputation improves, they earn more DEAPcoins, the in-game currency. Furthermore, there are several other in-game rewards, which are earned by completing daily missions, engaging in weekend events, and climbing the monthly ranking leaderboards. 

Cookin' Burger is the fourth game under the PlayMining banner. The game will be available across mobile devices this summer. 

BFK Warzone 

Shooters will always be one of the more popular game types. It is also a concept that lends itself well to play-to-earn mechanics, as BFK Warzone illustrates. Developed by TGC International FZ-LLC, the game has been in development since August 2021 and will, after making a public debut in early January 2022, be fully released in the summer of 2022. 

In BFK Warzone, players will engage in a 2D shooter multiplayer matchmaking game. Action will be fast-paced and feature various original characters, AAA-tier graphics, and engaging gameplay accessible across PC and mobile devices. Players control soldiers to level up and increase their NFTs - soldiers, weapons, accessories, skins) and their associated value. Additionally, there are airdrops, experience, skills, and unique power cards to collect.  

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