Top Ex-Googler says Google’s Web3 dive will bring massive innovation and spark mainstream adoption

Top Ex-Googler says Google’s Web3 dive will bring massive innovation and spark mainstream adoption

There is mainstream criticism that Web3 is just hype. But Google's search for a full-time candidate to lead its global Web3 marketing strategies is another Big Tech bullish indication that the third revolutionary iteration of the Internet is more than just a buzzword.

The latest news that Google is searching for more Web3 talent follows a recent CNBC report that Alphabet's Google Cloud unit is forming a team of developers in response to customer demand for Web3 and crypto-related technological support.

IoTeX CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Raullen Chai, a top ex-Googler, said Google already has a pool of prominent engineers worldwide.

"They have built the most critical infrastructure and products for human beings, such as Tensorflow, Search Engine, Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps, and so much more," Chai said.

Web3 innovation and mainstream adoption

"These global talents will bring in a large number of new ideas, and invent new Web3 technologies, attempting new ways for Web3 products to interact with people, and eventually spark mass adoption," said Chai.

"Google could also greatly impact the Web3 space. Combining some of its mainstream products such as payment, ads, and video streaming services with decentralized technologies to create phenomenal products that are open, inclusive, and easy-to-use could make the world a better place," said Dr. Chai.


Big Tech's involvement is an indication that Web3 is the future

"Many mainstream institutional executives and major news outlets are quick to minimize or even dismiss the importance of Web3 as the inevitable iteration of the Internet," said IoTeX Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Raullen Chai. He is a former leading Google engineer. "However, their bullish behavior is a clear indication that Web3 is the future of the Internet."

Chai was referring to Big Tech's deep dive into Web3. In November of last year, a news report revealed that Twitter assembled a team of blockchain experts to explore Web3 applications. Facebook staked its claim to the metaverse by rebranding itself as Meta on December 1, 2021.

Also, late last year, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said his company had plans to "actively explore" NFTs to take Web3 to a broader audience. In mid-March of 2022, Spotify posted new roles for Web3 managers and engineers. Amazon Web Services made Ethereum available on its Managed Blockchain. The list goes on.

Their journey proves Web3 is more than just hype

While these corporations gradually dive into Web3, proving it is more than just a buzzword, many blockchain startups have a clear lead over them.

IoTeX was founded in 2017 with a Web3 focus to empower people and reward them for everyday activities via their smart devices. The goal is to give them back control over these gadgets, their data, and the value they generate with IoTex's vision of MachineFi.

"Today, IoTeX is at the forefront of Web3. So, while the prominent Web2 technology firms initiate their journey into the decentralized and permissionless economy, we have a four-year head start," said Chai.

The firm's CEO said,

"Our vision to reward people and benefit them for everyday activities is weeks away from being a reality. Very soon, people will benefit from MachineFi dApps that reward them for sleeping well before going to work, being eco-friendly, driving safely, and exercising or proving presence in specific locations."

Welcoming Big Tech Web3 involvement

"IoTeX and MachineFi Labs welcome Big Tech and other prominent mainstream Web3 involvement," said Chai. "Competition is good for all of us. I also firmly believe that announcements such as Google's and their parent company Alphabet's search for Web3 talent can help spark the mass adoption we all want to see."

Chai said that more mainstream companies would soon reveal their plans to enter the Web3 space. "IoTeX, in particular, will shortly announce some major partnerships with mainstream tech firms and institutions," he concluded.

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