Metallika Inc. actively building new partnerships in APAC and Africa regions.

Metallika Inc. actively building new partnerships in APAC and Africa regions.

Metallika.Inc, a blockchain-powered company that tokenizes the services of mining natural resources, announced that it is now in the process of acquiring new partnerships in order to strengthen its mining projects portfolio and increase its presence in Asia Pacific and Africa region.     

At this stage of negotiations Metallika Inc. is not ready to disclose the exact names of the companies involved in the partnership negotiations process. What is known for sure at the moment is that the first company based in Singapore and its market valuation exceeds several billion dollars which shows the level of ambition of Metallika Inc in that strategic region. It is expected that this partnership will create positive synergies between the two firms. Further news will be announced soon.

Second company is from Kenya and owns big copper reserves in that African country. Copper is a strategic metal used in many industries, including electric vehicles, which ensures that it would be in a strong demand in upcoming years. In fact, by 2030 copper demand will outstrip supply by more than 6 million tonnes, said analyst at Rystad Energy project. “A deficit of this magnitude would have wide-reaching ramifications for the energy transition as there is currently no substitute for copper in electrical applications,” they said in a note. 

That partnership would benefit both companies and implementation of Metallika DAO platform would make a difference for local communities as they could participate in the mining process effectively utilizing the new platform’s transparency and easy-to-use interface. 

About Metallika Token

A utility token that enables the operation of the Metallika DAO. The token guarantees access to the products and services of the DAO. One of the major properties of the token is that you can access it within the private Metalika DAO and other public blockchain networks like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum. The number of supported blockchains may be increased depending on business needs. The total token supply is 300,000,000. Half of it (150,000,000) will be an ERC-20 compliant token, while the remaining half will be BEP-20.

The Metallika DAO

The decentralized autonomous organization created by the Metallika Inc to operate on the blockchain autonomously. Every financial transaction within the DAO and the software rules of the smart contract will be stored within the chain of the transaction blocks. The team deployed distributed database technologies, secure timestamps to organize a secure digital ledger of contracts, deeds, and records that ensure ownership for all the DAO participants.

The major product of the DAO Metallika is cloud services. The Metallika DAO provides reliable and transparent communication between participants in the mining cycle with the cloud services. These participants are enabled to form partnerships and also obtain investments at every stage of the cycle. All members of the DAO can access the documentation stored in IPFS and manage approval processes for documentation generated during exploration. They can also issue digital commodity backend tokens that are backed by minerals.

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