Best crypto affiliate programs

Best crypto affiliate programs

The world may still be recovering from the pandemic, but crypto trading remains as popular as ever. 2022 has seen an explosion in affiliate programs and marketing as people look for new and innovative ways to invest their money to earn extra income. These programs allow users to buy, trade, and stake popular cryptocurrencies around the world. 

If you’re ready to start trading in cryptocurrency or want to learn more about crypto affiliate programs, we’ve put together a list of our favorites to help you out. We’ll also introduce you to ChangeNOW’s program and platform that can help you achieve crypto success — and is a great way to get acquainted with affiliate marketing. 


Created by blockchain experts and developers, ChangeNOW is a limitless crypto swap platform with the best exchange rates and fast transaction times. Their crypto affiliate program is free to register on — making it the perfect choice for those just starting out. Unlike most affiliate programs, ChangeNOW supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and provides different payment platforms for users to choose from. Another unique feature is that it comes with affordable features such as NOW Wallet, an online trading calculator, and a tracker. The platform is both easy to use and supports a range of functions for both beginners and experienced crypto traders alike. ChangeNOW is also one of the most secure platforms — funds are not controlled, and privacy is prioritized to prevent identity-or financial-theft. 


Paxful is an exchange platform that handles over $25 million worth of transactions a week. It uses peer-to-peer crypto trading that serves as a platform to allow two parties to buy and sell crypto. To successfully trade on Paxful, you need to build a network with high-profile affiliates. This can prove to be a bit daunting for beginners and may require some solid crypto skills. It also has limited types of cryptocurrencies available to trade. One great benefit is that you receive 50% of the exchange fees when a new member accesses and trades on the platform using your referral link.


Coinmama is a crypto exchange platform that started in 2013. Since then, it has amassed over 2 million users to become one of the most-used crypto platforms in the world. A major reason for its growth is the 15% commission on trading fees users receive fees when referring a customer. You’ll also earn commission on all your referral's purchases, meaning you can earn cash for life. As great as this sounds, it may take you a while to realize a good profit. Other downsides include high fees and limited currency options.


Although seen as a crypto tax calculator, CoinLedger is one of the best affiliate programs around. It saves users time trying to convert several digital currencies and calculating their earnings (or losses). Like Coinmama, it also pays a lifetime of commission for users registering with your link. Commission can go as high as 25%. Even though the app is quite helpful, it’s tough to master and may require some time and experience to get used to.


Coinigy is a cryptocurrency tool that helps users with their crypto portfolios, allowing them to keep track of their assets. It’s beginner-friendly and helps investors track their crypto across various exchange platforms. It features tools such as live exchange rates and graphs to help identify the best trading opportunities. Users are paid $15 per referral. Some cons are that Coinigy’s API link integration is not available in all countries and its trading tools can sometimes be time-consuming. 


Trezor is a crypto wallet that provides its users with a private security key. It’s popular due to its enhanced security and 15% referral commission. Trezor helps protect users from malicious software and viruses. It also supports several cryptocurrencies, unlike other major affiliate programs. Although it’s quite versatile, Trezor’s cashing out process can be quite complicated, and the overall quality of the program is questionable.


If you trade, you’ve probably already heard of Coinbase. It’s one of the most popular affiliate programs in the crypto world with referrals for each sign-up amounting to $10 worth of Bitcoin (BTC). This offer, however, is only applicable for 3. As user-friendly as Coinbase is, the fees can be quite high, as you’re paying for a range of features. Coinbase is typically best for intermediate or novice traders.

How to choose a crypto affiliate program

As you can see, there are many affiliate programs available to crypto users. Each program comes with its own set of pros and cons, and it’s best to go through the list to ensure you find the right platform for your trading needs. Most platforms offer commissions for referrals, but high fees and limited currency options will likely make you lose out on earnings in the long term. We believe ChangeNOW has the best affiliate program when it comes to earning and trading, as it offers a variety of cryptocurrencies and features to help you trade quickly and efficiently. What’s more, it has no limit on exchanges. You can choose coin limits from ~$1.7 to $20 (this is currently the minimum limit that is in the process of being changed). This means you pay less in the short term to trade and earn more in the long term. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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