Sports Betting and Gaming Giant, Entain, deploys Syntropy to improve network performance for mission-critical applications.

Sports Betting and Gaming Giant, Entain, deploys Syntropy to improve network performance for mission-critical applications.

Entain plc (LSE: ENT) is one of the world's biggest sports betting and gaming companies. Entain owns some of the most recognizable brands in gaming: Ladbrokes, bwin, PartyPoker, Sportingbet, and BetMGM. 

Entain has a network of more than 40 geographically distributed private data centers. Each data center is unique in terms of the applications it hosts and the regulatory requirements applicable to its market. A typical data center can host hundreds of apps and process hundreds of thousands of transactions each day. Entain's clients demand 24/7 access to the platform, which is completely spread across numerous data centers.

Entain undertook a technical Proof of Concept (PoC) deploying Syntropy's technology before becoming an official Syntropy customer. Entain has integrated Syntropy technology into its cutting-edge enterprise technology stack to improve overall network performance.

Syntropy is a transformative Web3 connectivity company, leveraging blockchain technology to create an open, user-centric connectivity system that meets the voracious network demands of Web3 applications, metaverse, and gaming. The company's technology resolves the current constraints of the public internet, including security, privacy, performance, and reliability, that impact both companies and end users.

The Syntropy Relay Network is an overlay network that runs over the public internet. This global digital fabric links together the best-connected ISPs, clouds, data centers, and endpoints to build a network of networks that provides the highest possible performance and security. 

Entain implemented Syntropy Agents and evaluated the effect of routing traffic over the Syntropy Relay Network, measuring latency and packet loss. 

“Entain’s use of Syntropy represents the beginning of a major paradigm shift as enterprises embrace Syntropy’s blockchain-enabled decentralized network routing protocol as they transition to the emerging Web3 model that brings increased requirements for network performance,” comments Dom Povilauskas, CEO at Syntropy. 

Throughout the evaluation, the Syntropy Relay Network consistently lowered latency by twofold. Along with the latency and packet loss reductions mentioned above, Syntropy’s distributed autonomous routing protocol (DARP) was able to identify and route around an incident of network performance deterioration significant enough to create an extended outage.

Entain, pleased with the Proof of Concept's accomplishment, opted to become a customer of Syntropy, validating the need for a performance-based routing protocol for enterprises looking to innovate in the Web3 landscape.

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