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Low-Fee Platform CryptoAltum Enables USDT TRC-20 Deposits

Low-Fee Platform CryptoAltum Enables USDT TRC-20 Deposits

CryptoAltum, the low fee platform trusted by the professionals has now enabled deposits in USDT TRC-20, giving its clients even more choice based around low transaction fees.

Due to popular demand from its trader base, CryptoAltum has enabled deposits in USDT TRC-20, which means vastly cheaper fees than the standard USDT ERC-20.

In fact, the TRON network was created as a faster, more efficient, and cheaper version of Ethereum. The TRON network uses the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus method, which is why it is so much faster than Ethereum currently. The average block time on the TRON network is 3 seconds, which is a lot faster than Ethereum’s current average of 15 seconds.

We all know that Ethereum 2.0 will be switching over from the Proof-of-work consensus mechanism, as also used by bitcoin, to the more environmentally friendly Proof-of-Stake method, but until then, USDT TRC-20 is an excellent option.

CryptoAltum does pull out all the stops so that its platform users get the best experience possible, so with the lowest trading fees among its competitors, it is able to give its users a real head start.

For the absolute professionals, CryptoAltum offers 1:500 leverage. Obviously leverage, especially when it’s higher, can be a perilous tool in the hands of amateurs. However, CryptoAltum believes the top echelon of professional traders should have access to this option.

Finally, CryptoAltum holds the view that privacy is a fundamental right, and that its customers should always enjoy that right. Therefore, those who wish to use the CryptoAltum platform can do so with no KYC necessary.

For traders who wish to sign up to the platform please follow this link.

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