Decentralized Launchpad, Vent Finance Is Going Multi-chain, Adds Ethereum and BSC Networks

Decentralized Launchpad, Vent Finance Is Going Multi-chain, Adds Ethereum and BSC Networks

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Decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem, Vent Finance is adding Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain networks to its ecosystem in a bid to become a full-scale multi-chain IDO launchpad. Having connected its ecosystem to Polygon and Cardano in the past, the Vent launchpad will now be available to all participants and project creators across three blockchains, the statement from the team reads. 

The blockchain ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace, but interoperability remains a key issue that most platforms need to solve. According to Alexander Kunzman, co-founder of Vent Finance, “there is no one perfect solution to meet all blockchain needs” hence the need to expand to other blockchains. 

Speaking on the integration of BSC and Ethereum blockchain networks to its decentralized launchpad, Kunzman stated: 

“Instead of portraying the multi-chain ecosystem as competition, the team and I see it as the way to connect every chain that serves a different use case to either improve the end-user experience or allow further innovation. That is why we believe it is the future and the next logical step."

The expansion to two of the largest blockchain communities will provide access to over 5 million users across both networks. This adds to the thousands of users and project creators already on Polygon ($MATIC) and Cardano ($ADA), powering the multi-chain capabilities of Vent Finance. 

Launched in early 2021, Vent finance provides a full-stack multichain community crowdfunding ecosystem that makes it easy to join compliant token sales of credible blockchain projects. The project was built to ease the launching of projects and make the process of fundraising for promising blockchain projects “fun and accessible” for every participant. Notwithstanding, it opens up new and innovative fundraising opportunities for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects while providing a secure, scam-free, and transparent decentralized launchpad for IDOs. 

The integration of a multi-chain ecosystem expands the reach of the platform to other blockchain users and project creators, providing collaborative multi-market access for tokens on these blockchains. The integration of BNB and ETH projects allows interoperability via efficient and secure chain and bridge port development. Users have the freedom to transact on their favourite networks and move their assets back and forth across the three blockchains. 

The newly improved Vent IDO launchpad also offers scalability across its ecosystem tapping into the Binance Chain and Ethereum blockchain markets, which boast over $1 billion in daily transactional value. Furthermore, project creators in the DeFi and Metaverse ecosystems will have an opportunity to create quality projects, without worrying about liquidity and technical support issues. 

In the near future, Vent Finance will continue to expand its multichain ecosystem with an eye on the Moonbeam ($GLMR), Cosmos ($ATOM) and Solana ($SOL) networks, Kunzman confirmed. 

Apart from offering projects a scalable and secure decentralized launchpad, Vent Finance also natures and mentors early-stage projects after the crowdfunding. It facilitates incubation and helps in stimulating the growth of these blockchain projects by providing needed resources. Finally, Vent Finance also provides expert guidance on product development, strategy, partnerships, and marketing as well as providing a ready market for these early-stage blockchain projects. 

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