Dacxi Chain: Creating global connections between innovators and investors with tokenization

Dacxi Chain: Creating global connections between innovators and investors with tokenization

For innovative early stage companies, funding – or the lack thereof – is the single biggest barrier to success. The big ideas, high-potential products, and visionary entrepreneurs are all there ready and waiting. The problem is connecting them with the serious investors and risk capital they need to unleash their potential, and change the world for good. 

The current crowdfunding model is suffering a major disconnect between entrepreneurs and investors.

Equity Crowdfunding seemed to offer a solution, by enlisting the general public – a.k.a. ‘the crowd’ – to provide the necessary funds. 

Wikipedia defines equity crowdfunding as:

A mechanism that enables broad groups of investors to fund startup companies and small businesses in return for equity. Investors give money to a business and receive ownership of a small piece of that business. If the business succeeds, then its value goes up, as well as the value of a share in that business—the converse is also true.

The first known equity based crowdfunding platform – the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) – was launched in 2007. From there, the idea expanded to Europe, North America and Asia. Product crowdfunding on platforms such as Kickstarter or charity crowdfunding captured the imagination of many. But the system’s fundamental flaws mean that today – even after crowdfunding’s initial growth wave – the market is delivering just 1% of its full potential. 

Crowdfunding should be a trillion dollar industry. But Cambridge University’s Alternative Investment Centre estimates that annual equity crowdfunded investment is less than $10 billion worldwide. It’s clear that the world wants and needs it to be. But unfortunately, crowdfunding hasn’t captured the imagination of ‘the crowd’ that it relies on to thrive. 

Dacxi Chain tokenized global crowdfunding is the solution that will change everything. 

The Dacxi Chain will harness the power of blockchain tokenization to enable connections between innovators and investors on a scale we’ve never seen before. With the Dacxi Chain, deals will be offered to a global crowd – allowing them to invest simply and easily, and unleashing virtually unlimited innovation potential. 

The Dacxi Chain will tokenize a new venture’s shares on a blockchain, allowing investors to buy and hold tokens that represent ownership. Every transaction will be recorded on a blockchain database, so no other means are required to verify ownership.

Financial assets – like shares – are ideal candidates for tokenization. This is because tokenization makes it significantly easier to buy, store and sell shares independently and globally.

The Dacxi Chain brings a number of benefits with it

  1. Investment opportunities can be offered to a global audience, allowing entrepreneurs to build a massive investor base
  2. The system is designed to connect new ventures with investors who already know and understand the venture’s market – and therefore its potential
  3. The Dacxi Chain lets people anywhere in the world invest, and in small amounts – helping democratise and redistribute wealth

4. It provides simple management of investments

5. It offers genuine asset liquidity, because tokens can be sold on global exchange

With these advantages, and the scaling ability of crypto, the Dacxi Chain tokenized crowdfunding system will enable innovators from all corners of the world to raise more money, faster, from anywhere. 

Innovation is blind to race, religion, sex and culture. 

There are countless fantastic ideas and entrepreneurs in every country. With the right funding, they can and will change the world for the better. 

There are also countless people who want to invest in great businesses. They just need the system, support and the confidence to do it.

The Dacxi Chain will connect these innovators and investors, simply and easily. And all in a highly regulated, well-managed environment, designed for success.

What is the market potential of a globally connected investment crowd?

IBM and the Australian government predict that the global tokenization market will be worth $24 trillion by 2027. Of this amount, IBM predicts that the tokenized equity crowdfunding market – known as unlisted equities – will grow from zero in 2021 to one trillion dollars by 2030.   

How does the Dacxi Chain connect with the crowd?
The Dacxi Chain is not a stand-alone system. It sits on top of a global network of local crypto wealth platforms, run by locally licensed companies. These carefully selected licensees will provide deal evaluation, investor support and token exchanges. They will be linked by a global technology platform, running the Dacxi Blockchain.

Selection. Local Dacxi licensees will find companies that have the growth potential investors are looking for.

Offer Terms. The potential valuation and capital raised is based on a global (rather than a local) offering. That means the terms can be more attractive to entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Investment. Dacxi has a unique due diligence system so investors can trust the deal. The offer is promoted both within the country of origin and globally. Investors can contribute quickly and cost effectively using the Dacxi Coin on the Dacxi blockchain.

Private Followup. Local Dacxi teams support the funder, helps manage the shares and tokens, ensures security, and manages investor communications.

Liquidity. Tokens are listed on the global Dacxi Venture trading exchange, so investors can offer their tokens for sale at any time. 

Who wins with the Dacxi Chain?

The Dacxi Chain is a win on both sides of the innovation/investment equation.

Entrepreneurs win, because they can raise capital globally from an investor community who understands their business. This means a higher chance of attracting more capital at higher valuations, with no loss of control in their company.

Investors win, because they get more opportunities to invest in high quality, hyper-growth opportunities, suited to their experience and interests. The Dacxi Chain’s unique due diligence process will give them confidence. Buying, storing, and selling will become much easier. They can sell their investment much sooner – and more easily – than a regular crowdfunding investment would allow.

A world of potential is waiting.

There are millions of early stage companies with ideas and products that justify funding, and hundreds of millions of people willing and able to invest hundreds of billions in hyper-growth opportunities. All they’re waiting for is an effective way to connect. And that’s exactly what they’ll have with the Dacxi Chain.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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