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This New Meme Coin is Set to PUMP Without Elon’s Help…Why? MEGA Utility!

This New Meme Coin is Set to PUMP Without Elon’s Help…Why? MEGA Utility!

FlokiGainz holders are bubbling with excitement as their NFT marketplace is launched, token price remains steady even during a huge market-wide correction, and the safety-ensuring Certik audit is 81% complete…

But there is a much bigger reason to invest in FlokiGainz…let me explain…

Elon sits on the throne, grabs his phone, sends a tweet and [REDACTED] - a coin with zero utility and an anonymous team - instantly explodes to a stratospheric +1000%.

And meanwhile…on the same day [REDACTED] - a project with a respected team and an absolutely game-changing utility - continues to bleed…this time by -4%.

Is there justice in this ‘wild west’ of the finance space that is crypto?

The answer is a resounding YES! And here’s why:

Just as [REDACTED] rocketed upwards, it inevitably and quickly rockets back to the ground and…

The landing is NOT soft for those who FOMOed in! Expect devastating losses.

The team at [REDACTED] on the other hand, keeps chiseling away at their stated goals, and with each milestone completed, guess what happens?

+50% here…+35% there…BIG goal achieved…+125%...then *BOOM* and +2500% in a month.

Took a few months, but we got there!

Can you imagine how much money the people - who were safely DCAing into the dips - made when they finally sold?

Let’s just say a LOT more than the crazy [REDACTED] gamblers.

Well guess what guys? I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you…

The bad news is that ‘[REDACTED]’ does not exist - and even if it did - you’re probably too late now anyway…

The good news is that there is a big opportunity now to jump in on something even better

Multi-Utility NFTs, Play to Earn, Lotteries, Fitness Competitions, Real-World Products and More…all in ONE Project!

Imagine investing in a project where a passionate community of thousands had a shared aim of getting in great shape and were rewarded financially for doing so?

What if you could stake your NFTs and earn your own tasty revenue share from a growing NFT marketplace?

Or if your super-rare (and thus powerful) NFT could be used as your character in a funky Play to Earn game?

FlokiGainz aims to deliver all this and more.

Gym partnerships, Weekly Lotteries and even their own “Flotein” shake for serious gym goers!

One of the standout features of Floki Gainz is the establishment of a real bricks-and-mortar company providing fitness apparel, merch as well as cutting-edge supplements.

This gives GAINZ two unique product-bases; one catering to crypto investor, and the other focusing on real-world fitness.

The community side of the project has created a bulletproof foundation for the project to continue to build on.

Quite impressive for example, are the quarterly fitness competitions, in which the community will follow in the progress of 12 contestants as they compete to win their category of 'Mean & Lean' (for biggest weight loss) to 'Getting Gainz' (for biggest mass gained).

The first of these competitions will see the winners take home approximately $10,000 in BUSD!


These fitness competitions will soon be allowing the holders to "stake" on their selected champion in the competition (kind of like making a bet), for a share of a token reward if their selected candidate wins.

$GAINZ holders will also have access to fitness and nutrition specialists who are part of the expansive Floki Gainz team. Never has fitness been so integrated into a crypto  project!

What Floki Gainz has created to date is a totally unique and original concept, designed to get people back into shape in the post-covid times, and provide strong community support, and incentives for getting involved.

“But what about the team?” I hear you shriek.

Investor security is clearly a big deal to this team, that much is plain as day.

And that’s why…

  • All 3 Founders are KYCed via Pinksale government document checks and video chats
  • The Token contract has been audited by both Audit Rate Tech and Certik
  • All team wallets are locked in a multi-signature Gnosis wallet
  • Liquidity is locked for 1 year

Beyond the 3 founders, the growing team currently has 16 specialists, ranging from influencers to supply and produce consultants, and even their very own fitness and nutrition specialists.

Never seen a safer project on BSC, have you?

All this sounds AMAZING, but how do I buy?

You’re in luck my friend - they have also created a SIMPLE video guide for buying the $GAINZ token on PC! (They also have a mobile guide too)

(Plz Embed:

This project has at the time of writing had a VERY juicy $180,000 market cap…you know what that means?

This will soon be a real, registered fitness company and is set to grow FAST once the products start launching - this could be the chance for your first 100x return!

Are you ready for it?

Click here to check out their funky website.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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