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The KuCoin Meta Office In Bloktopia Opens Its Doors

The KuCoin Meta Office In Bloktopia Opens Its Doors

The Metaverse and virtual worlds associated with this concept are of great interest to onlookers and speculators. However, they also represent enormous opportunities for existing and future companies in the cryptocurrency space. For example, KuCoin established its Meta Office in Blocktopia, opening its doors on March 8, setting an example for other service providers to follow.

KuCoin Has Metaverse Plans

It is interesting to see how different companies and service providers in the crypto space approach the Metaverse. For KuCoin, it is an integral part of the company's future outlook. An ongoing collaboration between the company and Bloktopia paves the way for exploring new opportunities in the virtual world of the future. KuCoin Meta Office has opened its doors in Bloktopia's Skyscraper, paving the way for a different user experience.

In the KuCoin Meta Office, users can explore various aspects of the cryptocurrency industry today. For example, some prefer to be social with friends, and live chat functionality will make that possible. Others may want to explore the NFT marketplace or attend live AMAs. Moreover, KuCoin's new approach to customer support is an intriguing development through an interactive help & support feature.

The decision to launch the Meta office is part of KuCoin's roadmap for Metaverse development. Moreover, it enables the company to establish itself as a Metaverse-friendly crypto exchange by actively exploring its development. The trading platform has a dedicated Metaverse trading board since late 2021 and introduced a $100 million fund- through KuCoin Labs - to empower the ecosystem's development.

As the first virtual office in the crypto industry, the primary objective is to provide KuCoin users with an immersive user experience. Visitors can explore several aspects of the exchange, including its roadmap, trading floor, and more. Future updates will include browsing and trading NFTs, accessing crypto market trading data, and much more.

Meta Office Launch Campaigns With BLOK

To celebrate the launch of the KuCoin Meta office, the exchange will organize two events involving BLOK, the native token of Bloktopia. In addition, users can engage in Staking and Trading campaigns, with rewards worth $300,000. These campaigns signify the ongoing collaboration between Bloktopia and the exchange, which took shape in early November 2021. 

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu comments:

"The opening of KuCoin Meta Office is a significant milestone in bringing the Metaverse and blockchain to mass adoption. As the world-leading crypto exchange, KuCoin is exploring the application scenarios of Metaverse and blockchain technology. From the launch of the metaverse trading board to the establishment of the 'KuCoin Metaverse Fund' and the opening of KuCoin Meta Office, KuCoin has made great progress in Metaverse, and in the future we will invest more resources and efforts to promote the development of metaverse ecosystem thus turning the concept into reality."

Construction of the KuCoin Meta office dates back several months ago when the cooperation with Bloktopia began. The stunning visual skyscraper has now been fully constructed and will welcome users starting March 8, 2022. Users with whitelisted access can visit the location through the Bloktopia network. Eventually, the location will become accessible to everyone and offer more features to boot. 

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