Rapper Gunna Denies Involvement In Pushin Peth Rug Pull

Rapper Gunna Denies Involvement In Pushin Peth Rug Pull

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Hit rapper Gunna has vehemently denied any involvement in the Pushin Peth crypto scam, taking to social media in an attempt to set the record straight by claiming that his Twitter account was hacked to promote the scam. 

Gunna had marketed the Pushin P coin to his fans, tweeting about it before deleting the tweet in question. 

Promoting A Shady Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is an extremely popular space, with individuals rushing to invest in popular coins. However, every now and then, there are instances where investors are duped and their money stolen from them. The Gunna episode is the perfect example of how scams affect the crypto market, and more importantly, unsuspecting investors. 

Gunna took to Twitter a couple of days ago, promoting a new crypto project that he had been working on along with another developer who went by the handle "shanemooncharts" on Twitter. Gunna tweeted, 

“@pushinpeth making a crypto metaverse for us! @shanemooncharts backing the project, I know this is gonna fly. I AM TAKING THIS TO THE MOON.” 

Potential Rug Pull 

Pushin Peth sounded like it was associated with Gunna’s viral Pushin P. However, users soon started raising questions and talking about a rug pull event. A rug pull event is when developers run off with the investor money, leaving users with nothing. 

A Reddit post by a user confirmed the worst fears of investors, revealing that the cryptocurrency experienced a rug pull event, with fans of the rapper who invested in the shady crypto losing out on a lot of money as the coin’s value plummeted to nothing. 

Gunna Denies Involvement 

Hours after posting the initial tweet promoting the cryptocurrency, Gunna deleted the tweet, with angry fans questioning him about his involvement. Gunna returned to Twitter to attempt to set the record straight or rather make a rather flimsy excuse of his Twitter being hacked, and he was nowhere involved with the scam. 

Gunna tweeted out to his followers, 

“To my followers and fans! I didn’t know anything about this ‘pushin peth’ Scam,” he wrote earlier today (February 7). “Someone hacked my Twitter, and I immediately deleted the tweet! I would never co-sign any fraud or scams privately or publicly! And I’m extremely sorry to anyone who was scammed !”

Twitter Sleuth Exposes Gunna’s Involvement 

ZachXBT decided to dig deeper to get to the truth behind Gunna’s claim, posting the results in a Twitter thread. His investigations revealed that Gunna was, in fact, involved with Pushin Peth and that he was pretending that his Twitter account was hacked. The thread revealed that the coin’s creator, Shane, was in touch with Gunna through DMs. ZachXBT also posted screenshots to prove his point. 

He further revealed that the Tweet put out by Gunna was predetermined and that Gunna had stated that he would be tweeting it at 2 pm. He then revealed a screenshot of Gunna’s Twitter account, with the tweet in question up at 1:56 pm. 

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