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hi Launches US$40 Million Reward Program

hi Launches US$40 Million Reward Program

Per a recent press release, hi—a next-generation crypto banking app—has launched a 200 million $HI liquidity provider reward program, (approx. US $40 Million based on current price). Currently one of the biggest reward programs in the market, the $HI 200 million program will duly compensate liquidity providers who add liquidity to the HI/BUSD pair on PancakeSwap or the HI/USDC pair on Uniswap V2, and then stake their LP tokens on stake.hi.com.

hi has introduced three pools offering high yield returns which participants of this reward program can opt for. Two recently launched “GIGA Pools,” each containing 100 million $HI in rewards respectively, high yield returns, and a 12-month lock-up period. And a third pool, the “MEGA Pool” which houses over 10 million $HI rewards and a lock-up period of 6 months. Liquidity providers will be rewarded based on their percentage share of the overall liquidity at the time.  

The $HI token, per the aforementioned source, is available for purchase on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, hi.com, and centralized exchanges like ZB. Furthermore, it is available as an ERC-20 token, a BEP-20 token, and acts as an exclusive membership token that entitles its holders to a plethora of lifestyle benefits offered by hi. Some of these lifestyle benefits include, but are not limited to, discounts at famous hotels, entertainment subscription services, and concierge services. 

$HI token holders can also earn as much as 40% APY, seamlessly send funds without fees, and make deposits/buy/sell cryptocurrencies with zero additional fees or mark-ups. 

The hi Platform 

Committed to delivering next-gen crypto exchange and mobile banking services, hi is leveraging blockchain technology to build the most functional and user-friendly crypto and fiat app. The interface is a combination of a modern exchange and that of a digital banking app, thus providing users with an all-in-one platform for all things savings, interests, and yields. 

With over 3.3 million users and app downloads across iOS and Android exceeding 1.5 million, the hi platform, albeit recently launched, is proving to be a revolutionary project capable of pioneering a paradigm shift. 

hi has introduced deposit to buy cryptocurrencies via direct bank transfers, enabling prospective investors to purchase crypto by sending USD to the hi app through a direct bank transfer. hi offers a $1 to 1 USDT ratio.

Speaking to reporters about the 200 million $HI GIGA liquidity provider reward program, co-founder of hi, Sean Rach - former executive of Crypto.com - stated, unequivocally, that at 200 million $HI, the GIGA program will be the one of the most rewarding programs in the world. 

At 200 Million $HI, we set out to create the world’s most rewarding liquidity program. There is massive support out there for DEXes—including among our 3+ million members—and the launch of these two new pools marks another step in our path to progressive decentralization”, the co-founder revealed. 

Besides the user-friendliness, functionality, and the amazing reward program, the hi platform happens to be miles ahead of its competitors in terms of APYs offered. The hi Flexible Earn feature, one that grants users as much as 11% APY for simply moving USDT to the hiapp has set this platform apart from all of the others. 

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