Cannabis or Crypto? Where should I Invest in 2022?

Cannabis or Crypto? Where should I Invest in 2022?

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Investing in 2022 is more accessible than ever, yet the dilemma about what to actually get is still not an easy one. This article focuses on two of the most rapidly growing industries worldwide, and showcases all you need to know if you’re thinking about investing in cannabis, and crypto.

Why invest in crypto?

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become globally known as the digital asset class that has the potential to completely transform almost every aspect of our lives. What started with Bitcoin in 2008 has grown to a multi-trillion dollar sphere, but some experts suggest we are still only scratching the surface. Even though crypto, as a term, is mostly heard of worldwide, we can’t talk about mass adoption just yet. Novel projects need to aim at bridging the traditional world with the technology and concepts of the crypto industry, to reach a point where blockchain and tokenization are truly essential parts of everyday life. This way, cryptocurrencies would fulfill their ultimate potential: that is, disrupting centuries-old systems and changing humanity for the better. With all that said, the truth is, the best time to invest in crypto was yesterday; the second-best time could be now. 

Why invest in cannabis?

When asked to mention an industry that very much resembles the crypto world in terms of growth and potential, not many tend to think of cannabis first. However, those who do would be very right: the legal marijuana industry is not only worth more than $250B, but has also proven to be recession-proof during the recent pandemic. While many of even the largest, traditional contributors to the economy suffered greatly, revolutionary cannabis stores and retailers boomed to heights never seen before.

Tangi: combining cannabis and crypto

To all intents and purposes, these are the aspects of the novel marijuana business that match those of the crypto sphere: both have a track record of sustainable, yet exponential growth, while being relatively new, revolutionary classes right before mass adoption and legalization.

Introducing Tangi, the crypto projects that recognized the massive opportunities of these industries, and set out to achieve something no one has managed before: combining the everyday cannabis industry with the crypto world’s most trailblazing solutions. With a world-class team of former White House officials and successful entrepreneurs behind its name, and a grand vision to improve cannabis users’ and retailers’ lives, Tangi seems to have all the ingredients for inevitable success.

At its core, Tangi is a payment solution created in response to the cash-dominated marijuana space. Users, and retailers, struggle everyday thanks to huge sums being carried, and handled physically most of the time. Tangi imagined a world where cannabis transactions are simple, quick, and extremely convenient, so its team carefully designed a first-of-its-kind ecosystem that allows instant, secure payments tailored to the cannabis industry’s needs. Building upon the blockchain technology of Binance Smart Chain, one of the most respected ecosystems of the crypto sphere, Tangi starts out with marijuana, but its framework is prepared for potential global adoption. If you’d like to join this success story, great news for you: Tangi will hold its second Pre-Sale round really soon, where more than 40 million Tangi tokens will be available for members. However, acting quick might be a good idea, as the first round’s 10 million tokens found their owners really fast, and this time, allocation will also be on a first come first serve basis. From there, it's only a matter of months until Tangi is listed on public exchanges, where investors will have the chance to cash in their holdings. To know more about the projects’ fascinating details and exciting journey, visit Tangi’s official website, where you can find everything you might need.

Final thoughts

Cannabis and crypto seem to be far from each other, while in reality, they share a lot. Tangi is here to serve demand and challenge the traditional system with a payment solution that has changed, and will continue changing the lives of millions, by making marijuana transactions more convenient, and secure, than ever before.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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